Fineck Neck Band: Most of us either pop a pill or sleep a bit when our neck calls for a little attention. Even the crowd of wearable is concentrating on running, the fitness of nether parts, how you perform in the sack or how better you sleep. Nobody, I repeat nobody was talking about the neck which has to suffer most, whether we are craning it towards the laptop or bending it for smartphone.

The bad postures and long driving hours are also culprit. As a result, the most productive age group of 25-45 years has occupational disease. About 72% of people suffer from shoulder muscles pain out of which 11 % is due to cervical nerves and 4% because of the cervical artery. The stiff and sore neck is the story of almost every one of us.

Fineck Neck Band: Know Everything

Fineck Neck Band

Painkillers and sprays aren’t long-term solutions, only active lifestyle and exercise is. But how do we know better if it weren’t for a wearable?

Here comes the world’s first titanium wearable device, Fineck into picture. Lightweight, lustrous and durable, the titanium is mostly used in the making of fashion accessories.  The band is made of medical-grade silicone and is cased with pure titanium.

It is very soft against the skin hence, people with sensitive skin or patients suffering from skin allergies can wear it too. The IP6 rating makes it suitable for some occasional splashes but you cannot use it underwater.

Fineck neck wearable makes the neck fitness easier. The wearable tracks your neck activity and alerts you of your posture. If it detects bad posture for too long, it flashes signal, which is the best part.

We are prone to habits and we don’t realize that we are tiring our necks. Since the neck band tracks movement, it makes you sit tight and take notice of what you have been doing wrong. The data is stored in the cloud and you can analyze your progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

Fineck Neck Band Features:

Fineck Neck Band features

It connects via an app, Fineck-Engine, which is interactive and makes neck exercises fun with the help of motion-sensing games, animation, and interfaces. You can also set goals and share it with your friends. The games available are Super Down, Jungle Dew, Crushed Meteorite and Animal Runner.

These interactive interfaces provide intuitive feedback and health information. With the help of the app, you can share fitness goals and share progress.  The app is compatible with iPhone 4S or greater.  iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini and iPad 3 are also supported.  Android app compatibility has also been rolled out.

Available in three sizes, medium, large and extra-large, Fineck neckband features 4 LED to show different status including the battery level. The battery can last about 7 days with a full charge of 60 minutes.

Availability and Price of Fineck:

The campaign was featured on Kickstarter and successfully funded. You can book one for yourself for $79. The shipping is expected by the end of April.


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