If you love playing the farming games and are a fan of Farmville Franchise, then you would love to try your hands on the new episode of the game. The game has numerous new features and added functionalities that make it one of the best farm-based games till now.

So, if you are willing to try the best game based on farming, try your hands on the Farmville: Tropic Escape Apk on your favorite Android device. The game has everything that makes it one of the best farm-based games on the Android platform.

Whether you are after a game with amazing gameplay or are looking for a graphics-rich experience on your Android smartphone, you will love having the game on your device.

Farmville: Tropic Escape-Gameplay and features:

Farmville Tropic Escape

Talking about the gameplay, you will find the Tropic Escape somewhat similar to the other games, where you need to build your own farm and your personal Inn and earn the rewards by selling the crops.

Farmville Tropic Escape APK mod

However, the things that make it better than the previous Farmville and other related games is the way the game is presented and the way game enhances as per the storyline. The game has been set in a beautiful tropical getaway, where you would literally want to spend your life.

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Also, the game has numerous such features that were absent in the previous Farmville games, and with every single update, the developers are introducing new ways to make the game more entertaining and fun to play than before.

Here are a few great things about the Farmville: Tropic Escape that will make you love the game. Go through them and know why this game is worth playing and downloading on your Android device.

  • Awesome storyline
  • Eye-Catching graphics
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Timely updates for new missions and extra features

Along with these, there are several enhancements by the developers to the game to make it a better farm building game for the gamers. So try your hands on it, and spend hours growing crops and earning exclusive rewards.

What’s new in the latest Farmville: Tropic Escape apk

latest Farmville Tropic Escape apk

Apk file is an alternative way to download and install the apps on an Android device, and unlike the official Google Play, by downloading the apk file, you can easily reuse the file to install the game/app again on the same or different Android device. This makes it a perfect way to download and install the games for those users who own multiple Android devices with them.

The latest apk file (listed above) has numerous upgrades and bug fixes that make it a great update for the gamers who love playing Tropic Escapeon their devices. Apart from the numerous performance tweaks and bug fixes, some of the most noticeable changes that you are going to experience while playing this update are listed as follows:

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with the new update
  • New location
  • Better fluidity throughout the levels
  • Better control sensitivity

Along with these, there are numerous other additions that make this one of the best updates until now from the developers. So, if you are a fan of Farmville: Tropic Escape and want to experience the best update until now, then go to the above link and download the latest apk file for the game.

File Information-Farmville: Tropic Escape apk

  • File Size:98 MB
  • Version:1.45.1684
  • Developers: Zynga

Download Farmville: Tropic Escape apk

latest Farmville Tropic Escape apk 1

Download Link: Farmville: Tropic Escape Apk

How to download and install the latest Farmville: Tropic Escape apk

If you are assured that you want the game on your device, then instead of downloading it from the Google Play, try downloading the apk file from the above link which will let you transfer the file on other devices to make it playable on the other Android devices too without any need of downloading it again.

Here are the steps you need to follow to install the Tropic Escape on your android device:

Step1: Go to the above-mentioned link and click to the link that shows the apk file. You may be asked for confirmation as the file is downloading from an external source.

Step2: Once confirmed, the file will be downloaded on the default download folder of your device.

Step3: Navigate to the folder and tap on the apk file. This will start the installation off the game on your smartphone.

Step4: Sit back and relax until the game is installed on the smartphone. Once installed you can enjoy playing the game as usual.

In case you want to install the same game on another Android device, then copy the downloaded apk file to the device and follow the same steps stated above to install the game.

The main benefit of downloading the game through the apk is that you can easily transfer the file to your friend’s mobile or your new Android device and install the game without using any data.

So, if you are using a limited internet plan on your smartphone, or are having limited access to the Wi-Fi, using the Farmville Tropic Escape apk would be a great thing to try. Download the above-listed apk and start enjoying the latest version of the game on your Android device.


In all, if you were looking for a game that has a tried and tested gameplay, has awesome graphics and a perfectly planned storyline, then the Tropic Escape would be a clear choice for you. Along with the numerous benefits and exclusive features, the easy controls of the game makes it one of the most awaited games on the Android Platform.

By having the latest apk file with you, you can easily transfer the file on your favorite Android device and start enjoying the game on it. So, instead of waiting for more, just open the link listed above and download the latest apk for the Farmville: tropic escape. Download the file once and use it on different devices until the next version of the game is out from the developers.

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