DJI Phantom 3 & 3D Robotics: The drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are the newest addition to the advanced technology equipment which have been gaining attention recently. Among all others in the market, DJI and 3D Robotics are the most popular brands in the market that manufacture the state of art drones which can be utilized for aerial photography and video recording.

The DJI Phantom 3 series was launched earlier this year and impressed the market with advanced video recording resolution and HD video streaming. The 3D Robotics Solo was released later this year.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional and 3D Robotics Solo:

This model has some noteworthy features as well as setbacks in comparison to the Phantom 3 Professional drone. The points of comparison between DJI Phantom 3 Professional and 3D Robotics Solo are as follows.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional and 3D Robotics Solo


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1. Pricing according to structure

The concept of video recording for both the models is quite different from each other. DJI took the streamlined approach of integration of a camera, gimbal and drone in Phantom 3 Professional and comes in as a single unmanned flying structure. The price of the product is in the range of USD 1200 to 1300 in Amazon.

But the case is not the same with 3D Robotics Solo. It comes in parts. There are separate prices for each of them. The drone itself costs around USD 1000 in Amazon and the user has the option to add on a gimbal for USD 400 and also the Hero 3 or 4 action camera. Hence the price of the product goes way higher than its competitor and costs around USD 1900.

2. Video Recording

The video recording of Phantom 3 Professional is quite good and the drone is capable of high end video capture. Looking into the footage capture of Phantom 3 Professional, it is clear that the video quality is almost at the same level of 3D Robotics Solo’s GoPro Hero 4 Black and it comes in without distortion so the performance takes an upper hand.

The video quality of GoPro Hero 4 Black is better but due to the inferior gimbal, the video keeps jerking and lower the points for 3DR Solo. Also the 3DR Solo has many upgraded video features but they all fall short due to unstable footage. After the launch of 3DR Solo, the gimbal was delayed by some time for launch but still was not capable to deliver the best quality video.

3. Flight Capacity

In terms of flight capacity, the Phantom 3 Professional again wins from the 3DR Solo. The flight distance for Phantom 3 is approximately 1 mile while the 3DR Solo range is till half a mile. So the 3DR Solo falls quite short than its competitor.

There is are also certain other parameters wherein the Phantom 3 Professional wins over. The signal strength in case of Phantom 3 remain strong even at 1.2 miles while with the 3DR Solo its restricted to half mile only. The flight time for 3DR Solo is slightly better by 25 minutes than that of Phantom 3 with 20 minutes. In terms of speed the 3DR Solo is better by 55 kmpl.

4. Expandability

This is the feature wherein the Phantom 3 model loses out to 3DR Solo. The design of the Phantom 3 is pretty much straight forward and there is very little scope of expansion in hardware. The only place wherein the additions can be seen in future is the software front. The 3DR Solo has ports and expansion panels for the additional accessories. Hence it provides the scope of upgrading as per user requirement. So on the future upgrading front, the 3DR Solo wins over.


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