Drone Registration: The unmanned flying vehicles or the drone to be precise have been the talk of the town in recent years. There have been a lot of technological development in and around this segment with many brands bringing out the latest drones with optimum features.

Well now it’s time for some new developments all together in this segment. As per recent public announcement by FAA or Federal Aviation Administration of United States, an individual needs to register his or her drone with FAA.

Drone Registration:

Drone Registration


The drone registration is a mandate going forward from 21st December 2015. The FAA acts as an agency of United States Department of Transportation. It is authorized to carry forth the regulation and overseeing of the American civil aviation in all respects.

Federal Aviation Administration

It has been notified by FAA that, starting from 21st December 2015, all remote-controlled aircrafts or drones need to be registered with FAA. There is a registration fee associated with it which is given waive off if the drones are registered within initial 30 days.

The basic norm which has been laid is that if an individual owns a drone before 21st December, 2015, then that person does not need to register the drone until 19th February, 2016. But the drones purchased on or after 21st December, 2015, has to be registered first before its usage.



There are certain rules and regulations related to the registration of the drone. Firstly, if you are in United States, then drone registration is a must. Secondly, all drones weighing above 0.55 pounds, fall under registration norm.

For knowing the accurate weight of the drone, at first, it has to be fitted with the batteries, propellers, camera and other accessories required for the flight. Then the weight needs to be taken.

Thirdly, 13 years in the age limit for the drone registration. Fourthly, the details required for the registration process are name of the person, physical address, email address, aircraft manufacture, model name and (serial number if available). Fifthly, the registration fee is USD 5 which will be refunded if the registration is done before 20th January, 2015. For a better understanding, you can look into this link for reference.


This contains all the details you need to know regarding the whole process. This document is continuously being updated by the authorities. Hence it would be good to keep a watchful eye. Also after registration, the owner is provided with a registration number by FAA which needs to be placed on the drone.

We have also made the registration process a bit easier for you by providing the link.

Go ahead and register you drone for hassle free enjoyment.


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