Download Smash Hit Mod Apk V1.4.0: There are only a few games available in the Google Playstore that have the ability to cool down our bad mood and relieve the stress and the Smash Hit is one of the best games that does it efficiently. The smash-hit is a unique game that provides you a soothing effect that helps your mind relax.

The goal of the game is to break the glass obstacles that come in your way. And although the game may look too simple at the first time, as you clear the levels the speed of the obstacles you are dealing with increases and the game becomes harder with every passing level.

Smash Hit Mod Apk V1.4.0:

Smash Hit Mod Apk V1.4.0:

The game not only improves the hand-eye coordination but also improves the concentration level of the gamer. So, if you were looking for a game that can easily keep you busy for hours and relieve your stress, then the Smash Hit would be a great game for yourself.

Smash Hit: Gameplay and Features:

Smash Hit Gameplay and Features

The Smash Hit’s gameplay is quite simple. You just need to destroy the obstacles and target a new high score. The game is a perfect one for those gamers who are looking for a game that is simple yet engaging gameplay, the Smash Hit would be a perfect choice. Apart from the simple gameplay, the game has several other things that make it one of the best arcade game for the Android platform. Some of the best things that you will notice about the Smash Hit while playing it are listed as follows

  • Musically synchronized gameplay

Unlike the other target arcade games, Smash Hit has numerous musically synchronized gameplay that make it a better game that is fun to play. Almost every level has random music that makes it feel different. So, put on your headphones, and experience a completely new level of entertainment.

  • Over 50 levels/rooms that provide the game a unique look with every level

Smash Hit has over 50 differently laid out levels that provide the game fair enough uniqueness and you are not going to feel bored while playing it. So, if you were after a game where one level is completely different from the previous level, the Smash Hit is a must-try game for you. Try your hands on it, and get a perfect time-killer game on your Android device.

  • Simple controls:

Another great thing about the Smash hit is the simple controls. Just tap at the obstacles and the ball will be fired. The aiming is simple for stationary obstacles, but aiming at them becomes difficult while they are moving. So, practice your aiming skills in the first few levels so that you can get a high score in the advanced levels.

  • Awesome graphics:

Smash Hit is a unique game that has high-end graphics and sound effects that is almost unmatched any game available at the Google Play. So, if the graphics and sound effects are the two things that you usually look for while choosing a game for your device, then try Smash Hit, and you won’t disappoint.

  • Lag-free performance:

Even after having high-end graphics and extreme sound effects, the game has no lag even when played on the low-powered Android devices. The lag-free gameplay and brilliant performance is what makes the game better than similar games in Google Play. So, try your hands on this amazing game that will help you kill your stress and bring spare time.

  • Paid version for those gamers who want to have something extra:

Although the game is ad-free and do not have any unlocked level, it does provide an option to play the exclusive paid version through the in-app purchase. The paid version of the game has numerous exclusive levels and new backgrounds that provide the gamer a feeling of getting something extra by paying for it.

So, you can either opt to play the free version of the game or make a purchase to upgrade to the Pro version of the game. In both ways, you can assure of getting the best gaming experience. So, if you were looking for the game that can provide you the real meaning of extreme gaming then try out the Smash Hit and you won’t be disappointed.

Apart from these, there are several more things that you are going to love about the Smash Hit. So, download the game and just aim at the targets to get a high score.

What’s new in the latest Smash Hit mod apk:

Although the Smash Hit is a great and engaging game on itself if you are annoyed with the limited number of balls available. And want to play the game with the unlimited balls to conquer the level, then you should look for the latest mod apk.

By doing this, you will get access to the Pro mode of the game with numerous exclusive levels, and above that, you will have unlimited balls for every level. So, forget how many balls have missed the target and fire the balls to the aim to grab the best score that is hard to beat. Apart from these, the latest version of the Smash HIT apk has following upgrades that make it a worthy update to the Smash hit lovers across the world.

  • Bug Fixes for better performance
  • Music is now more synchronized than ever before
  • Local multiplayer game mode

So, if you are in love with Smash Hit and want to get something extra, then opting for the Smash hit od apk from the above-mentioned link would be a brilliant choice for you.

Smash Hit Mod Apk V1.4.0: File Information:

Smash Hit Mod Apk V1.4.0 File Information

  • File Version: 1.4.0
  • File Size: 79 MB
  • Developers: Mediocre

Download Smash hit Mod Apk V1.4.0

Download Link

How to install Smash Hit Mod apk on your Android device:

If you are new to Android platform or haven’t downloaded an app through the apk file, then read further for the steps that you will need to follow to install the Smash Hit Mod apk on your Android device.

Step1: Download the smash hit apk from the above link. You may be asked for added permissions as you are downloading the app from the external source.

Step2: Once downloaded, navigate to the folder and tap on the apk file to start the installation

Step3: The game will be installedin a few moments and then you can enjoy playing the game with unlimited balls and unlocked levels.


In all, Smash Hits mod apk is a perfect way to enjoy the game, and apart from the added benefits of unlimited balls and numerous levels, you can easily save your data by transferring the apk file on other Android devices which you usually use. So, if you were looking for a different arcade game that looks great and has a soothing gameplay, try Smash Hits and you will love the experience.


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