POU is an amazing puzzle game that is trending among Android device owners. The thing that makes POU different from the numerous other puzzle games available in the store is the amazing main character of the game. This character is super cute and it urges you to play the game for hours.

The POU is basically an alien pet puzzle game where you need to take care of the pet and help him grow older, just as it was your kid. By taking the complete care of Pou, you can attach to him closely. So we can say it is more of an emotional game rather than being a puzzle for the gamers.

If you are getting bore of similar puzzle games and want to try something new, then you should once try your hands on the POU. Believe us, you are going to love the POU and its cute main character.

POU: Gameplay and Features

POU: Gameplay and features

The basic motto of the POU puzzle game is to take care of your alien pet, feed him, let him play, train him to do daily things just like your kid. This distinct approach to a puzzle game makes it unbearably addictive and you will love to spend hours with your cute alien pet.

The concept of the POU game is simple, you have an alien pet and you need to take care of him, make him learn new things, feed him, talk to him, make the bed for him, play with him, entertain him, and grow him older.

Some of the unique features that make POU better than other puzzle apps:

  • Extremely Cute Gameplay

The best thing about the POU puzzle game is its gameplay. In the simplest words, the POU is extremely easy to play and even if you haven’t played such games before, you won’t find any difficulty to get used to it. Easy controls, engaging gameplay, interactive way to play the game, and a brilliant character are amongst the USP of the game.

  • Easy Customization

The puzzle has several games which can play during the gameplay in order to entertain your pet. By completing these games, you will earn some coins that can be used to customize your pet, buying him new costumes, new food items, and others.

  • New and Updated Skins 

The game regularly updates by the developers as per the demands of the gamers, and with the numerous bug fixes, the users can assure of the fluid performance and awesome level updates with every scheduled update from the developers.

  • Language Support

Another great thing about the POU puzzle game it supports almost every major language. So, no matter which part of the world you are in, you can easily get a tremendously adorable pet in your preferred language with all the functionalities and instruction specially laid out in your language.

So, skip all those games that only focus on English as the major language and try this amazingly cute puzzle game right now.

  • Get a Proper Response

Apart from only taking care and feeding the pet, the game also allows you to actually talk with him and get the responses. This makes it more real than most of the other similar games available for the Android platform. This also helps you to get a completely new experience while playing the game.

  • Network To Make More Entertaining For You.

The game also lets you connect with your friends online. This enables you to compare your pet’s progress with others.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the full version of the game by downloading the following link and get the fully activate POU mod apk with unlimited coins and customizations.

Pou Mod: What’s New in The Latest Version?

Pou Mod What’s New in The Latest Version

Apart from the numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements, the latest version of POU mod apk serves you with unlimited cash rewards along with unlocking numerous rewards that can only be unlocked after making the in-app purchases. IN all, you can now use all the hidden features of the games without spending a single penny of your real money. It’s a great way to bring the full functionality of the game without actually purchasing it.

Pou mod Apk:

Click here to download

How To Download and Install The POU MOD Apk?

How To Download and Install The POU MOD Apk

Apart from downloading the POOU directly from the playstore, you can also get a modified apk file from downloading it from the following link. By doing so, you can have access to the unlimited coins and customizations without looking for the cheat codes.

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow to install the game through the POU mod apk:

Step1: Download the apk file directly on your smartphone by following this link

Step2: Click on install. It may be possible that your settings do not allow external files to install an app on your phone if so, tweak the settings and let the file install the app on your phone.

Step3: Let the app to be installed on your phone, and you will get the POU app on your phone with unlimited coins.

POU MOD Apk: File Information

Version: 1.4.77

File size: 23 MB

Final Verdict:

To conclude, the POU puzzle game is a completely different approach to let the gamer keep hooked to gaming. This game attaches itself to the user’s emotions, and the gamer gets emotionally attached to the POU. Apart from this, the addictive games in the puzzle are extremely addictive and you can spend hours playing the puzzles to kill the time.

In all, if you are looking for a new game to kill your free time, and are bored of old fashioned puzzle games, then you should look no further than the POU. Additionally, we would also recommend you to download the POU mod apk to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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