Download Flappy Bird: Flappy Bird for Android is an arcade game which was developed by a Vietnamese video game programmer in May 2013. Flappy Bird game garnered immense popularity by 2014 and became the most downloaded free game in the iOS app store.

The game is an addictive game where the player has to control a bird through obstacles in the form of set of pipes. It is simple to play and the player wins one point for each pipe passed and loses the game if the bird hits a pipe. The game offers many challenges and getting more than five points is termed difficult.

Download Flappy Bird:

The game was removed from the iOS app store and play store by the creator due to its addictive nature and over-usage by players. The removal of the game caused the popularity of the game to soar, with pre-installed games being sold for huge prices. A lot of popular games imitating Flappy Bird were created for users across the globe but were soon removed by both Apple and Google Play store for being exactly similar to the original game.

Flappy Bird received a lot of flak and poor reviews initially. The plagiarism in the game’s graphics, difficulty levels and mechanics of the game were strongly criticized. Many players throughout the world, we’re addicted to the game and the developer made a lot of money from advertisement and sales.

Even after the game was officially removed from play stores. It can be downloaded into android devices from relevant sources available online.

 Flappy Bird Apk Features:

 Flappy Bird Apk Features

  • Flappy Bird Apk is a side-scrolling game with simple mechanics that makes it immensely popular among players. The game is fun to play and very addictive.
  • It is supported by features which enable the player to post and compare their high scores with other players across the world.
  • The game makes use of real physics mechanisms to navigate the bird through the game and avoid it from colliding into the pipes.
  • It has an interesting multimedia playing sound.
  • The game is available in more than 40 languages, including English.
  • This game is free to play and can be downloaded at absolutely free of cost.
  • The player receives medals for scores greater than ten. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded. Players with a score of 40 or above receive Platinum medals.
  • The apk contains high-quality graphics that gives the experience of playing this viral game, a whole new level.
  • The developers have provided different scenarios to avoid monotony and engage the players with new experiences and excitement.
  • The user interface of Flappy Bird apk is excellent and the makers have made sure that the game is so addictive and that it will never allow the user to download another game.
  • The game contains a lot of hidden characters that can be unlocked by gaining maximum scores. The new characters provide fresh excitement to the player.

Download Flappy Bird Apk for Android 

Download Link

How to download and install the Flappy Bird Apk?

download and install the Flappy Bird Apk


  • The game requires an android version of 2.2 or later.
  • Click on this link or paste this link on your Internet browser.
  • Press OK to download the game immediately.
  • Once the download process is completed by the android device, give the install option.
  • Wait for the entire installation process to be completed by the android device.


Flappy Bird Apk is a worldwide popular, viral game that was played by millions before being officially removed from the Apple and Google play stores by the developer of the game due to its over usage and addiction. The game can still be downloaded from the Internet but will not contain any new features or bug fixes.

There are a lot of games that completely copy the original Flappy Bird arcade game that has led to a world of Flappy Bird Apk clones. Flappy bird Apk was the most downloaded game in 2014 and there has been news spreading about Flappy bird coming into play stores again.

Fans around the world are waiting for this wonderful game to get launched again because Flappy Bird has almost become a phenomenon and the popularity is still intact. Even after the game was officially closed down and removed from all play stores.

Even though the game received a lot of poor ratings and criticism when it first came out, the reason behind it’s huge popularity afterwards, and it’s viral spread across nations, could not be explained properly by critics.


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