DJI Geofencing: Drone is a machine that can make your dream to fly your wishes. Lots of issues have been popping up due to no flying rules for the drones. Administration of the United States of America starts to pull the trigger to restrict the unlimited independence of drone in flying.

Drone maker DJI released a beta version of its new “geofencing” system, something the firm says will maintain its drones from flying right into restricted airspace. The new unique feature is called Geospatial Environment Online (GEO), and also it will certainly allow individuals understand about locations where drone flight is restricted, either as a result of laws or as a result of safety and security problems. It’s DJI’s means of appeasing the FAA, which has asked for more policy of drone flying this previous year.

DJI Develops New Feature:

DJI Geofencing


GEO will certainly quit DJI drones from removing in restricted areas like airports as well as Washington D.C. The system will also allow users find out about airspace that has actually been momentarily limited. Such as places near woodland fires or huge stadium events. All sensitive locations around jails as well as nuclear power plant will certainly be off-limits in the system also. All the DJI Drones for sale fall under this and their flying will be restricted soon. It’s time for all the other companies to adopt this system to comply with new drone flying rules.

Some Added Premium Features:

DJI owners could momentarily pull out of GEO and unlock a few of the air travel limitations, yet there’s a catch. They must have validated accounts with the firm, with a bank card, debit card, or cell phone number on documents. This way, if a drone is discovered in unauthorized airspace, it can be traced back to its proprietor. Individuals cannot shut off all the flight limitations though; areas like Washington D.C. will remain entirely off limitations. DJI’s system is implied to stop drones from appearing in position they should not be, such as close to commercial airlines or the White Home yard.

Register your drone now either ready to be fined:

Register your drone now either ready to be fined


The FAA is likewise cracking down on this by needing all individuals with drones less than 55 pounds to register their flying machines by February 19th, 2016. Those that are captured flying drones without enrollment will encounter penalties around $27,500. It’s quite hefty, is not it? Get your drone registered and remove all the barriers. Keep your flying dream high.


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