DJI Phantom 3 Standard vs Advanced vs Professional: DJI, the company based out of China, has made quite a name for itself in the manufacturing of commercial and recreational unmanned flying vehicles usually known as drones majorly used for aerial photography video recording.

The company was founded in 2006 and has currently launched the third generation of Phantom line which is quite popular in the market. There has been a recent addition to the series which is DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard vs Advanced vs Professional

It is currently an affordable option for entertainment video recording and capturing amazing views. With this addition, we can bring in three drones of this series called DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, Professional and Standard to the platform of comparison under various parameters based on features and pricing.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard vs Advanced vs Professional


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1. DJI Camera

Camera is one of the prime area of difference between the three models. The choice of an individual and requirement will determine the purchase in this case. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard is laden with 12 MP camera which is capable of recording video at a resolution of up to 2.7K. It can capture 30 frames per second carried at 40 Mbps.

The Phantom 3 Advanced features a Sony Exmor sensor of 12.4 MP, but the video recording resolution and bitrate remains same as that of Phantom 3 Standard. In Phantom 3 Professional the sensor is same as that of Advanced but the video resolution rises to an impressive 4K and the bitrate rises to 60 Mbps. This model can capture 30 frames per second as well.

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2. Flight Range

The flight range of Standard model is quite less than that of Advanced and Professional. The Standard model can fly up to a height of 1000 meters with the help of remote controller. This flight is however under the condition of outdoors and unobstructed as per the FCC rating. On the other hand, Advanced and Professional both can fly up to 2000 meters under similar conditions with the help of remote control.

3. DJI Battery

Battery is one of the most important aspects of best drone. Since drone flies, a battery charger comes in handy when you want the drone functioning smoothly for longer duration. There should be two batteries for back up in the ideal scenario. Both the Standard and Advanced drones have a 15.2v, 4,480mAh batteries which can charge up to 57W.

But the Professional can charge up to 100W with the same battery. But there is a catch in the flight time for the Standard model as it has a 25-minute span due to its camera. The Advanced and Professional loose out marginally on this ground as they both have a flight time of 23 minutes.

4. Flight Ability

The flight ability of all three models are similar. It is 16 meters per second with ascending speed of 5 meters per second and descending speed of 3 meters per second, with the level altitude being at 6000 meters. The major difference is that the Standard model uses a GPS while the other two also have GLONASS along with it. The weight of Standard model is 1216g while the other two weigh around 1280g.

6. App Smarts

The DJI Phantom series drones are pretty much user-friendly as they can be easily controlled. The phone or tablet is easily slipped in to the controller to augment its signal. There are certain features which are present in all the models of this series that are Follow Me which locks the drone on to a cellphone, Point of Interest which allows to fix the drone on a particular thing while flying, Way points for auto flying on a set course while the user can concentrate on other controls and Intelligent Orientation Control for customized control of the drone.

6. Price

This is the most important factor which also determines the success of a drone depending on need of the user. The Phantom 3 Professional is priced at around USD 1300 in Amazon and is the costliest of the lot. The price of Phantom 3 Advanced is ranged between USD 1000 to USD 1200 in Amazon. The cost of Phantom 3 Standard is between USD 700 to USD 900 in Amazon.


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