Avenger themed Wearables: Disney is venturing into wearables and planning to launch its range of connected toys, named Playmation. Wearables and apps will use Bluetooth and cloud computing. The plan is to bring Marvel superheroes and villains alive through Augmented Reality and let them battle. Playmation will be available by October this year.

It is to be noted that it isn’t a debut attempt of Disney at AR. Gamers already know about Disney Interactive and its Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes where they can become Marvel superheroes virtually. Playmation, however, will reverse the concept to. As Disney’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Kareem Daniel say,  “What if toys could playback?”

Disney Avenger themed Wearables:

Disney Avenger themed Wearables


Disney Infinity is $1 billion franchise and Daniel assures that Playmation is not going to replace it. Marvel Superheroes have been a strong selling point for the former franchise as the sale doubled. So, no wonder that as of now, Marvel’s Avengers will be the first in this series and Playmation Star Wars and Frozen will be out by year 2016 and 2017.

The Disney wearables will use digital technology to enhance physical interaction and also address the concern of parents who think that their kids aren’t active enough as kids of their age should be. Disney Interactive Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering contribute to this project, as reported by Fortune.

The Avengers Playmation wearables from Disney have been in the pipeline for several years. According to director of user experience and product management at Disney Consumer Products Afsoun Yazdian, the aim is to bring superheroes fantasies of kids to real life and provide an immersive experience during physical play using connected toys and wearables.

The digital technology will help in bring desired sound and light effect as well as haptic feedback. Resulting in a more interactive experience and fuelling up kids’ imagination in the process.

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The game will pick from where Avengers: Age of Ultron left. Happening around J.A.R.V.I.S, an A.I. developed by Tony Stark, the game will see series and missions to avenge from the super villains like Loki and Ultron using infrared, gesture recognition and radio frequency.

The Avengers Gear wearable tech will record the performance and store it on AvengersNet app. The app can also use to see stats on smartphone as well as to download new series, battles or missions.

Additionally, you can share the scores and compare you performance within the social circle. There are expected to be 25 missions in total that would need kids to jump, run, shoot and hide to take on the enemies.

It will also ease the concern of parents who worry that their kids aren’t getting any physical activity due to games and technology onslaught. Kids, of course, would love it!

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Priced at $120, the Playmation Avengers Starter Pack includes smart figures of Iron Skull and Captain America. Iron Man Repulsor Gear Glove and two power activators. Hulk Gamma Gear Hands are available for $40 and so are the other 16 smart figures. Though, you will end up paying extra for additional digital content to Disney.


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