Diabeto diabetes control: Doctors have emphasized now and then that diabetes is a completely manageable disease. However, most of the patients find it difficult to track their glucose level, analyze it and take it to their healthcare professional when they need immediate attention. Glucometer does help the patients to track the insulin levels but this is it.

Thankfully, an Indian tech startup has come up with a little birdie-shaped hardware device, Diabeto. Touted as the complete diabetic management system it lets you manage your readings off the glucometer and send them to the secure cloud, which can be accessed by the healthcare professional as and when needed.

Diabeto Diabetes Control:

Diabeto diabetes control

The corresponding data can be of great help for doctors who can understand the progress made by the patient or check if the condition is worsening. As the data is available on cloud, files, medical reports and prescription can take a walk too.

As soon as the patient is done reading the insulin level on the glucometer, he needs to insert the pin of Diabeto in the glucometer. The Diabeto, in turn, is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and syncs the data wirelessly to the smartphone. The device is compatible with Android and iOS.

The device is also compatible with Pebble smartwatch as well as with almost every glucometer. However, infrared jacket hardware, Diabeto IR Jacket is needed if you are using Accuchek glucometer.

Diabeto Diabetes Control Features:

Diabeto Diabetes Control Features

Easy to use and user-friendly, people with visual disabilities and hearing impairment can also use it to induce necessary changes to live life smoothly even with a controlling disease like diabetes. Given its lightweight and ergonomic design, even kids can use it very easily. The data is synced over a web application.

Since Diabetes is mostly stress or diabetes-related, the device also tracks your activity level. As carbohydrate is also another form of sugar, it monitors your sugar level. Along with this it assess your mood too and keep logs of blood glucose level for systematic monitoring.

The dashboard is decent and looks neat. The data has secure access and can be seen through unique user identification. The cloud storage has SSL encryption that ensures that your data stays safe.

Diabeto works as a transmission device and nothing is stored on the device itself. The data is presented with charts and graphs spanning months, weeks and even year. Users can also generate PDF reports for custom dates.

The team is also working on Diabeto API to enable medical practitioners and hospitals to access the data in a remote setting.
The device has Class1a device certification whereas it has applied for FDA certification for the U.S. release.

As of now, the 3 prototype version has been engineered and 2 batches have been shipped. The device was crowdsourced at IndieGoGo and exceeded it fundraising within a couple of months. So, early backers get some freebies such as t-shirts and some discount on the package but overall, it seems worth every penny at just $59 for the standard Diabeto.


The pink and blue Diabeto is available for $109. $25 international shipping charges and $5 shipping charges within India may apply. The developer API kit is offered at $169. Doctor access and free Diabeto pack is available within India at $240.

A corporate pack for 10 employees can be purchased for $469 and is valid within India only with $10 shipping charges. If you are a distributor of medical devices, you can order a pack of 100 Diabeto at $4,390.


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