Crossy Road Apk: If you are a fan of pop art action games that look a bit old-school but are extremely engaging, then the Crossy Road for the Android devices will be a great game for you. Unlike the other casual games available for the platform, the Crossy road is simple to look at but the gameplay is quite entertaining and this makes it a brilliant game for the gamers who are looking for a perfect time-killer.

And apart from the default chicken, you can choose from over a hundred characters to make the game more personalized. So, if you were looking for a game that has great gameplay that gets tougher with time. Try your hands on the Crossy roads, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Crossy Road: Gameplay and Features:

Crossy Road Gameplay and Features


Crossy Road has two things that make it one of the most entertaining games ever made for the platform. The gameplay of Crossy Road is simple where you need to help the chicken to cross the roads and other obstacles.

Make sure that you act fast to avoid getting caught by the eagle. Overall, the gameplay is simple, yet way too addictive than most of the games with heavy graphics.

So, instead of trying the high-end paid games that not only acquire more space on your smartphone but also are not that great in terms of the gameplay, choose this simple game that is far better than most of the action and endless running games. Below are a few features that make it one of the most anticipated games of the year in for the Android Platform.

  • Brilliant gameplay:

Brilliant gameplay


As said, the Crossy road has a fairly simple gameplay where you need to help the chicken cross the road, and clearing other obstacles. As the game progresses, you will find it harder as the vehicles will come faster and you will have very limited time to cross the roads. In all, this is a very addictive game, which you will love to play for hours without feeling bored. So, if you were after a game that has its own personality, and is fun to play, then the Crossy Road will be a perfect choice for you.

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  • Easy controls:

The thing that makes the Crossy Road a great game to playis the control. The chicken can be controlled by just making a tap throughout the game. So, instead of playing games with tough to master controls, try this amazing and easy to play game and kill your spare time in style.

  • Numerous characters and rewards:

In addition to a chicken, the game has over a hundred characters that can be unlocked by completing the missions and earning the rewards. By clearing the levels, you will earn the coins and these coins can be used for unlocking new characters. So, earn the maximum amount of rewards/coins you can and unlock the character as early as possible.

  • Timely update for new levels and rewards:

Apart from the already available characters and environment, the developers are working really hard to provide the gamers with a great platform of joy. With every update, the developers introduce new characters and backgrounds along with new obstacles, which not only helps the gamers get a new and fresh feeling after every update, and this also makes them avoid their boredom of playing same types of levels during the gameplay.

What’s new in Crossy road apk:

What’s new in Crossy road apk


With the latest update of Crossy Road apk, you will get ten new Savanna themed characters along with a brand new Savanna map. Additionally, you can now unlock the new characters more easily due to the new character unlocking system.

In addition to this, there are  numerous bug fixes and performance improvements and improved character movement. So, if you were looking for a new age pop art game that is addictive and fun to play, then try the Crossy Road apk once, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Crossy Road apk: File Information

File Size: 60 MB

Version: 3.2.5

Developer:Hipster Whale

Crossy Road Mod Apk Download link

Download Here

How to Install Crossy Road apk on your Android device:

In case you have a limited internet connection and want to have the Crossy Road installed on multiple devices, then instead of downloading it from Google’s official appstore, try installing through the apk file. And if you don’t know how to do that, then read further to get the exact procedure to be followed to install any app through its apk file.

Step1: Download the latest Crossy road apk by clicking on the above link. This will start downloading the apk file on your device.

Step2: Once downloaded, open the Crossy road apk from the “Downloads” folder on your Android device. You may ask for confirmation as you will be installing an app from an unknown source. Give permission if asked.

Step3: That’s it. The app will be downloaded in a moment. You can then enjoy the game as usual on numerous devices just by transferring the apk file on different Android devices.

These steps will help you install the game on the Android devices without any need of downloading it repeatedly from the Google play store.


In all, if you were looking for a simple game that has the ability to keep you busy for hours without experiencing the repetitive gameplay, you should once try your hands on the Crossy Road.

The game may not look as fancy as the other action-adventure games available on the play store. So, instead of searching for the larger games that have less exciting gameplay than Crossy Road, try your hands on this brilliant game with awesome gameplay and characters. Try it once, and you will be a die-hard fan of Crossy Road.

Also, if you are willing to play it on different smartphones, then instead of downloading it several times, follow the link to download the latest version of the Crossy road apk. Open it on your mobile’s browser to download it directly to your smartphone.


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