Download CreeHack Apk: Trying to tweak the android games? Well, CreeHack is an obvious choice you have as well the latest. The application uses the art of hacking to satisfy your lucrative gaming needs. There may be some apps you are unable to download and play or some with heavy in-app purchases. With CreeHack, you escape these. Let’s take a detailed look at the features and usage of CreeHack.

The app can dupe literally any app and you can use it to your advantage. Though there are some exceptions, a vast majority of the apps have been covered in the list of supported apps/games. You can make free purchases when it comes to gaming apps.

Download CreeHack Apk for Android:

Features of CreeHack Apk

Let us say for an example that you need weapons or any instrument for free in games like Shadow Fight 2. You can get this super small app without even rooting your device. This is not just for the games. You can make use of the trick in any given app you prefer. You can skip the license verification and get through it with your unrooted smart device. It is as simple as that.

Features of CreeHack Apk:

Features of CreeHack Apk

Here are some features of CreeHack you simply cannot ignore.

  1. The ultimate feature, of course, that you will be able to skip the in-app purchases and download the paid apps for free.
  2. You can unlock any desired feature in any given app or game with CreeHack.
  3. Now, CreeHack has the best compatibility and does not mandate root access, unlike the other tweaking apps.
  4. CreeHack is designed in a manner to enhance user experience, hence user-friendly.
  5. The size of the app is pretty small and does not take away much space from your device.
  6. You can download and access the CreeHack with any android version you may have.

How to Use CreeHack App?

After the introduction, you must be eager to know how to use CreeHack to the fullest of its benefits. Do you know you can access the in-app purchases, trick it to use the goods for free. You must first download CreeHack apk and launch it. You will see an ON option there. Click on it and further, go for home button. Now, you can launch any game you want to and hack into the purchases to enjoy it at no cost.

Information About CreeHack App Apk

App Name CreeHack
File Size 811 kb
Version 1.8
Root Required No
Developer CreeHack Team
Last Updated 28th of January, 2018

Games Supported by CreeHack

Well, now we know that CreeHack is a way you can hack into the games and skip wherever payment is required. Though there are a lot of games supported by CreeHack, some like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and so on cannot be hacked. Hacks can work on offline games mostly.

Here is a list of games supported by CreeHack.

  1. 1Weather
  2. AndWobble
  3. Anger of Stick 2
  4. Anger of Stick 3
  5. Armored Aces- 3D Tanks online [3D, Online]
  6. AVP: Evolution [3D]
  7. Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague
  8. Bright Weather
  9. Calc+ Powerful calculator
  10. CALCU: The ultimate calculator
  11. Car mechanic simulator 2014 [3D, G-Sensor]
  • City Island
  • Contra: Evolution
  • Cut the rope
  1. Cut the rope: time travel
  • Crash drive 2
  1. Critical strike portable
  • Dark lands
  • Dark reaper shoots! [3D]
  • Dead on arrival 2 [3D]
  2. Dragons: Rise of Berk [3D, Online]
  3. EZ Weather
  4. Froggy Jump
  5. FxGuru v1.0.4
  6. Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD [3D]
  7. Goat Rampage PRO [3D]
  8. Goblin defenders: Steel ‘n’ wood
  9. God of light
  • Go launcher EX
  1. GPS Navigation and maps by Scout
  2. Groopic
  3. HabraCitizen
  4. Hungry Shark evolution [3D]
  5. I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon
  6. IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger
  7. Jewels Saga
  8. JotterPad X: Writer
  9. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies
  • KK Locker
  1. Monsters University [3D]
  2. Oggy
  3. MovieRide FX
  4. Papyrus
  5. Pick a pet
  6. Pirate Hero 3D
  7. Racing Air [3D, G-Sensor]
  8. Vector
  9. Temple Run

Installation Process of CreeHack App

Installation Process of CreeHack App

Here is a list of download links according to the desired version.


Here is how you need to download and install CreeHack app.

  • Open your phone settings. You can find it in the app drawer.
  • You can find the security option there, click on it.
  • Now, click enable the unknown sources. If the feature is already present, do not bother and proceed with further instructions.
  • Click on the above links according to the version.
  • You will be redirected to the download page. Give it a few minutes.
  • Once the download is done, find the install button and click on it to install CreeHack.

Final Words

There have been rumors regarding safety installing the creehack app on Android devices, which are untrue. It is no fun sitting in the same levels without passing them in a game. Let’s say there is another way to pass the level.

It would possibly be purchasing something within the app. Not all the times will we be able to afford the in-app purchases. Does it make a valid reason to leave the exciting game? No, it shouldn’t be.

You can download the solutions to such issues, which is CreeHack. Being a very safe tool, CreeHack is free from malware or any other harmful viruses. The app, driven by artificial intelligence, is easy to work with, thanks to the developers.


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