Disney’s Frozen took you on an emotional journey and depicted the ‘true love’ of two sisters. Taking inspiration from it, Japan’s leading lingerie maker, Triumph has come up with ‘Close Sister; bra that changes it design when it comes into the contact of other wearer who is wearing the same bra.

It is to be noted that Japan has weird obsession with lingerie and has always been hailed as the pioneer of strange innovations in bra industry. Of late, the ladies’ undergarments have been quite the curious case for scientific interference as from bizarre to the real useful (!) products have been pushed across by the makers to us. On one side you have a bra that can only be opened by your true love (a must-have to test your lover’s intentions) and on the other side; you have a bra that tweets every time when it is undone. ?

Triumph has collaborated with Fashion Entertainments to create the ‘sisters’ bra. The standard design sported by the bra is originally a polka dot or heart dot pattern. When it comes in touch with another wearer who is wearing another ‘sisters’ bra, it changes its pattern to that of Frozen-inspired white and blue snowflake. The material used for the bras’ cups and heart on the short skirt is made of electronic paper and doubles up as a flexible screen.

On taking inspiration from Disney movie, the company’s spokesperson has said this in a press conference, “The depictions, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, has moved all of Japan.”

However, please note that it is not an official ‘Frozen’ or Disney product and also, it is not new for Fashion Entertainments to create something out with electronic paper. Earlier, the company had developed e-bow tie that acted in accordance with the mood of wearer. So, making a bra out of electronic paper would have been way too easier for them.

Those who are yet to see this Disney masterpiece that was one of the highest grossers in the animated movie category, it is the story of two sisters, one of whom possesses telekinetic abilities and can freeze other people. So, now you know from where the name originates from and the snowflakes come from.

Along with the bra, the entire set comprises two short skirts with a heart shape imprint on hips. Take a cue from the video where you can see the two pretty models bumping hips a bit and then noticing the change the change in bra pattern. One can also enhance the bust volume by padded pink hearts that come with this edition and are termed as ‘big sister’ and ‘little sister.’ The interchangeable straps can be also used as per personal preference.

Note that one does not have to do chest bumps or take the shirt off (I know, many of you out there would kill to see a thing like this but no boy, it ain’t happening!) but just come closer a bit. It could be an occasional brush on a public transport or just placing the hands on a shoulder and the pattern changes on its own. How long does the pattern stay or how do you feel when the change is going underneath your shirt, I have no clue about it.

My Two Cents on Pattern-Changing Bra

For most of ladies, bra is an essential underclothing garment. You won’t wear it outside unless you are Madonna or an actress who thrives on bling to make a living. So, justifying the entire melodrama in the name of love and sisterhood is beyond my understanding. You can also find the entire process of matching your lingerie to another female in your house or friend circle a little astonishing but in Japan it is a fairly common trend. Japanese women celebrate Futago Kode, a new fashion trend where they dress up like twins to reinforce and appreciate their love for each other.

I also advise you to brace yourself as you do not know how many such ‘bra’ possibilities are yet to be unexplored! Until now, electronic papers were associated with e-readers only. Now when Triumph has started the trend, there is no stopping to the creativity and imagination of the design team that is completely forgetful of what actually we need from our undergarments.

If you are looking to buy this buddy-activated and color-changing bra line, then you won’t be able to do so because this is a promotional tactic to its core to show off the company’s creative take on intimate wear using high-tech methods and of course, while promoting sisterhood.

Meanwhile, I would really appreciate if some lingerie-maker company and tech-enthusiast could team up to make a bra that would send alert to the smartphone as a monthly checkup reminder to detect breast cancer at its onset. Anyone listening?

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You dear readers, head to the comment section and let me know how do you find the idea of snowflakes on your breasts at your wearing buddy’s touch?


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