It seems like that smartwear ecosphere is finally taking shape and gearing up for the technology that could take user experience to completely new level. Chinese InWatch Pi MX4 edition is the new entrant to jump on the bandwagon. After the likes of Apple, Samsung and Motorola have announced their entries and Asus is planning to bring out the best in Android smartwear gadget, the PI, however, looks like the link that fills the gap between users’ basic needs and provides nothing special.

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It performs the basic functions such as receiving notifications for calls or text messages and time telling. The brainchild of the collaboration between Meizu and InWatch, this watch works exclusively with Meizu MX4 smartphone. Pi is designed to suit both men and women. You can wear it on any occasion and with any outfit, formal or casual.

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Looks InWatch Pi MX4:

The aesthetic of this watch can remind you of the new kid, Moto 360 but that is it because after that similarity dies an eerie death. Because it is just a connecting watch and does not have any operating software.

So, all of you can think of it as a watch that merely tells you the time and reminds you of some basic things to do, such as waking up! It features a Bluetooth and does not need any app on smartphone to connect. The shining sapphire rim of 35mmm and its metal design, make it every bit of a looker it is but we really wish if it could have more to it.

Priced at just CNY 399, the company claims that the lifespan of the device is three to six months. As it does not have any of the smart OS or advanced features, it is low on the battery consumption too and comes without a rechargeable battery. So, if you are done with the battery, you might have to juice it up with a new battery.

The watch is currently available in three colors which are silver, black and gold. This watch is made of leather, glass and stainless steel. Users based in China can have the déjà vu feeling as they will be reminded of Xiaomi Mi band, although much cooler and funky with all those LED lights replacing the clock hands.

So, What Can it Do?

Apart from telling time, it alerts you for notifications and does basic function of sleep monitoring and sports tracking.

Availability and Price of InWatch Pi MX4:

The international availability of InWatch Pi MX4 is yet to be announced. It is priced at 399 Chinese Yuan but MX4 users can get this smart wear at low prices considerably.

This Chinese wearable watch is available as a bundled pack with the smartphone, Meizu MX4. This bundled set can cost you about $326. Since the segment of basic smartwear is facing a void, this watch can catch the steam with due to its attractive design and low-pricing point. Customers who purchase Meizu smartwatch can purchase this watch at rock-bottom prices. This smartwatch is available for sale in China only and was slated for release on 30th September but some unforeseeable circumstances pushed its release to October 10th.

Honestly, if you ask us, we do not see any point of releasing a smartwatch that mere connects you with a particular brand of smartphone and does not do even the basic of computing functions unlike other models available in the market. The watch is just a pretty face that houses a quad-copter and simple router. read also Micromax YuFit Band

This indeed is far simpler and easier to manage than its Android counterparts but it is hard to tell how it would fare in the market because the expectations of people from the smartwear segment have been raised by the recent arrivals and they want ‘more’ from their smartwatch than just get connected through it.

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