Buy your dream drone: With the advancement of technology, drones have become a part of our daily life. But many of us neither think a minute nor compare drones available in the market before hitting the buy now button when we see a dream drone within our budget!

Smart comparison can help us to find out the drone that fulfils our needs. There are some checklists which should be prepared before searching proper drone. Here we are discussing the points we should clearly define before we proceed to purchase a drone.

5 Points To Remember Before Buying a Drone:

5 Points To Remember Before Buying a Drone


Buying a drone is not tough shell to crack but if it does not fulfil the need for which you had bought that then all the bucks and efforts go to vain. Surely you don’t wanna let your money be drained. That’s before making the purchasing decision of dream drone consider these five crucial points. It will save your money and fulfil your needs too.

1. Purpose

This is the prime and foremost point to consider before spending hundreds of bucks on a drone. If you want it for photography or shooting purpose then DJI Phantom 3 will be the best option and if you wanna use your drone for farming and other purpose or wanna customise your drone according to your need then QAV400 Ready to Fly Drone can be the best buy though it’s little bit costlier. That’s why define your purpose first and then go for the search.

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2. Features

Everybody looks for this point first. Features are the catchy points which attract customers towards a particular product. Drones are not the exceptions. After defining the purpose you need to know which features you need to be installed in your drone. If you are taking it for photography or videography then camera should have good resolution. If you are purchasing your drone for farming, surveillance and other purposes then video streaming should be of top quality. Know the features of dream drone and check whether those match your needs or not.

3. Battery Life and Lifting Capacity

Another utmost check point before pressing and sending your drone to the cart is battery life because it’s the heart of any drone. Giant battery provides better lifting capacity and longer flying time. No matter for which purpose you are purchasing drone, always go for the drones equipped with better battery. If you wanna deploy your drone for industrial or serving purpose, check lifting capacity along with battery life.

4. Control

Knowing what you are buying is the best option to grab the better product out of the numerous choices. All drones are controlled from a flight controller which displays various variables like air pressure, wind speed, height, acceleration etc that influence flight of a drone. These help us to control the drones from the flight controller; maximum of these can be controlled from a Android or iOS device easily.

5. Local UAV Regulations

Check the local UAV regulations for drones. Different countries have different rules for public to use Unmanned Aerial vehicles. Check the zones and purpose for which using drones are allowed. If your purpose somehow violates the rule, there is no way to buy it then. Some countries like USA has separate rules using drones, but maximum countries cover regulations of drones under UAV rules.

Always keep these five things before dive into buying decision of drone. Hope these will help you to take better decision that ultimately ends with a good buy.


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