Marketed by Mars Inc. owned Whiskas Australia, this wearable is dubbed as Catstacam. It is a WiFi enabled camera that can be attached to a cat. Wherever the cat goes, be it chasing the dogs or climbing the trees, it keeps clicking pictures.

Not just this, it is also capable to share picture to the Instagram account of your cat. Though, the owner would need to create the account for cat (Duh!) The pictures will be uploaded with the #Catstacam on Instagram and official account of Whiskas Australia.



The device is custom-designed and exclusively engineered for celebrities who are cat-lovers. Weighing in at just 44 grams, the camera is lightweight and your cat can easily carry it around while it ventures out and goes on to see the world from its eyes.

Catstacam Features:

Catstacam Features


The wearable camera is equipped with motion detector technology and can click up to six photos per minute. The packaging is also a treat for eyes and also a toy for cats to play with.

The device is designed and conceptualized by Clemenger BBDO Sydney and aims to help the owners to come closer to their cats by understanding and studying their behavior by the places the cats visit and the photos, which are clicked.

Moreover, the celebrities will also be having the help of expert panel to understand the behavior of the pet. Such as, if an owner wants to know that why his cat’s favorite place is his workstation and why does it keep climbing the trees, expect the expert panel to have all the answers and solution. Well, given the nature of cats, I am sure that the expert panel would have lots of explaining to do.

As of now, the device won’t be available on the shelves or for masses. But the Internet cannot have enough of the cats and the interest in the cat wearable, Catstacam is only going to spike forcing the pet company to reconsider their decision.


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