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Google Earth is Now Available in VR, With Support for HTC Vive Headset

Google Earth VR: Google has launched a new free version of Google Earth that can be explored by a virtual reality headset. For now, only HTC Vive users can access the new version with the help of their dedicated 3D controllers. It...
Apple AR Smartglasses

Apple Exploring Possibilities of AR Smartglasses

Apple is currently planning to develop an AR-glass which will connect wirelessly with Apple devices like iPhone. Although they are far from committing to the glasses yet, but if they do, it’ll open up a potentially lucrative area of...

SteamVR is Set to Receive Linux and Mac OSX Support Soon

SteamVR is long rumoured to be in the pipeline until it was unveiled at Game Developer’s Conference 2015. Now news is that Valve will introduce SteamVR beta version for Mac OSX and Linux, within a couple of months. SteamVR to get...
Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Headsets

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Headsets for $299

At the Microsoft event, the announced a new line of VR headsets for Windows 10 that starts at $299. Taking advantage of Windows 10’s VR and holographic capabilities, Microsoft has partnered with a list of companies - HP, Dell,...
Google Daydream View VR

Google Daydream View VR to Release on November 15, Device Up for Pre-Order

Google Daydream View VR: Google had first unveiled the headset earlier this year. Now we have learned that they’ll release the VR headset on November 15. At present, you can buy pre-order Google’s Daydream View VR on Google web store. The...
MOOV HR Moniters Heart Rate

MOOV HR Moniters Heart Rate Form the Head

Wearable makers are constantly working towards making their products more accurate. In the bid for better accuracy, the Moov Now have come up with a new wearable called the MOOV HR that measures heart-rate from the head. The MOOV HR promises to...
Kate Spade’s Wearables

Kate Spade’s Wearables to go on Sale in the UK

Kate Spade: A couple of days back we reported female-focused Kate Spade‘s new line of trackers and smartwatches. Now news is that Kate Spade’s new collection of “connected wearables” is available for sale in the UK. Kate Spades’ range includes...

Xbox One Controller Now Works With Samsung Gear VR Headset

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One Controller will now work with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Unlike Samsung, makers of virtual reality headset like Oculus and HTC create their own style of controllers. “We’re so excited to give you the...
Oakley’s Radar Pace Smart Sunglasses

Oakley’s Radar Pace Smart Sunglasses to Going on Sale October 1

Oakley Radar Pace Smart Sunglasses are undeniably very tempting. Unlike the Google Glass was much-hyped but couldn’t bear a mark in people’s minds, Radar Pace smart glass may have potential. The device will be available for Sale from October...
Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles Launched With an Integrated Video Camera

Snapchat Spectacles: Snapchat has finally taken off the lid from its long-rumored glasses project, revealing a sunglass that comes with a video camera. Snapchat Spectacles is more like a ‘toy’ and not major hardware, and it’ll launch later this...


Is Kairos the next big thing?

At MWC-2015, Kairos stole the show by introducing the world’s first and only mechanical smartwatch hybrid. Touted as the smartwatch that bridges the gap...

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