Xiaomi Smartwatch: Apple Watch has certainly triggered a new war in the world of wearables. Though this much-awaited smartwatch will release on April 24 and is certainly struggling to live up to the hype, it has, no doubt, upped the competition.

While small wearable makers are trying to create something breakthrough at affordable price, big makers like Samsung, LG and Motorola are doing efforts to come up to the same level of anticipation and command over the market.

Xiaomi Smartwatch:

Xiaomi Smartwatch

Similarly, China’s equivalent to Apple Inc., Xiaomi has announced its smartwatch, which is being touted as the ‘Apple killer’. The Chinese maker is seen as a fierce and competent contestant of the Cupertino Company.

Feature-rich devices at pocket-friendly price are the signature move of Xiaomi and the smartwatch isn’t going to be an exception, we think. Xiaomi Mi Band is already in the market and this smartwatch is going to leverage from the exposure for sure.

For wearable tech, the company has teamed up with Huami, a tech startup which worked on the Mi Band and has also generated US $35 million for the series B funding. Xiaomi is taking the wearable business kinda seriously as its smart shoes are also creating quite a buzz in the industry.

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Xiaomi smartwatch specs and design:

Xiaomi Smartwatch features

The debutante Chinese smartwatch will follow the trend of round face and large dial while focusing and struggling with the major roadblock of high energy consumption due to the expected Pulse Wave Velocity Identification feature. This feature can be used to measure blood pressure and heart rate.

However, researchers are of opinion that it is difficult to track vital signs with a seemingly small device like smartwatch which is not well-positioned but Huami is certain that they will achieve the precision in the results. The makers would also have to ensure both style and substance for the smartwatch if it wants to penetrate international market and not just Chinese shores where it already has dominance.

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Meanwhile, Xiaomi and Huami are making sure that the best teams work and deliver on this ambitious project. According to the sources, the company wants the best user-experience with the smartwatch and isn’t leaving any stone unturned to ensure that. The rumors floating in the air also suggest the use of brushed metal material similar as that of the HTC One M8.

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Given the previous experience with the wearable consumer tech, the teams are confident to deliver exactly what they are thinking and saying on record despite the fact that these seem to be long claims and will need lots of efforts to pull those out for real.

Xiaomi smartwatch: Release Date and price

The smartwatch and a second iteration of Xiaomi Mi Band is slated for March 31 release. Since it comes from the house of Xiaomi, rest assured that it won’t go overboard with pricing and will be at relatively lower price than its competitors. As of now, no other information is available but we expect the Xiaomi smartwatch price to be anywhere from $70 to $89.


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