In a celebration of completing four decades in Brazil, Fashion retailer C&A has made calls for young designers and makers in an answer to the question of how the wearable industry is going to look in the next 40 years. The Dutch company will be hosting the “wearable hackathon” on December 10 and 11 in Sao Paulo.

The event is expected to bring together researcher of national and international fame who’ll come together to discuss wearable technology and the future of fashion. As per Wear Brazil, the primary purpose behind the hackathon is ‘to strengthen the Brazilian market and to promote contact between makers and designers so to include Brazil as a strong player in this segment that will move $ 30 billion in 2016.

C&A Brazil Hosting Wearables Hackathon:

C&A Brazil Hosting Wearables Hackathon


’As per ZDNet, some 40 participants are expected including developers, designers and other creative individuals from the wearable and fashion industry. Among the products represented, some will be chosen to create C&A’s first range of wearable items.

The aren’t just looking for the next big idea but for the concept that can be produced on a very large scale and “incorporated to the lifestyle of consumers.” As per the publication, the participate will have access to tolls, hardware and software necessary for the prototype of their creation along with a specialised mentor who’d offer support  software solutions and processes in the construction of prototypes.

The judging panel will pick their projects based on a number of criteria like design, creativity, execution, eco-friendliness, and potential for large-scale production.
As for the perks for those who are selected, your items must be produced for future collection of wearables C & A.


There’ll be a disclosure of the winner in the media of the event, including interview VogueTech channel and in the newspaper Metro. Additionally, there’ll be a gift certificate for those who are selected.
You can sign up from here and you’ll also find a regulation sheet that we’d recommend you to go through.


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