You know, what is the best part about wearable tech? They are not just for geeks or men. They are not too complicated to understand. Most of the wearable makers have understood that they need to bridge the gap between substance and style to suit wider sensibilities. And this is why we have uber-cool and fashionable wearables that most of girls would love to flaunt. In this series of Wear Arena, we bring you the top wearable gadgets for fashionista girls that would spice up their look while providing unmatched functionality.

Misfit Shine:

Misfit Shine is not close to perfection fitness tech but it works perfectly as a piece of futuristic jewelry. This fitness tracker can be sported as a watchband or necklace with pendant. It is your fitness counter and sleep tracker. You can also share your fitness stats with your friends. The design is neat and makes it the ‘made-in-heaven’ partner of iPhone and of course yours.

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Intel MICA:

We girls often fall for chunky accessories and this happened with MICA too, when it was debuted at New York Fashion event. This smartband is the result of alliance of Intel with fashion house, Opening Ceremony and no wonder, MICA has turned out to be great. Made of snake skin and 18-carat gold, it exudes the elitist charm and looks every inch a charmer. The stones are exported from as far as Russia, South Africa and Madagascar. The OLED display and 256 x 160 diameter has sapphire display for protection. The official sources state its battery life for 48 hours.

Sony FES watch:

Black and white never goes out of demand. And this monochrome paper watch is just another reason to sport these classic colors yet again. It does not connect with a smartphone or is a fitness tracker but works as an e-paper watch. The 24 combinations of watch faces and a week’s battery life work in its favor. The watch was crowdfunded in the name of Fashion Entertainments that is a business unit of Sony and will be spearheading the innovative product line for the company. The FES is currently available for sale in Japan only.


Altruis was designed to detox your digital life. At least this is what, the CEO of Kovert Designs and its visualizer, Kate Unsworth says so and indeed, this minimalistic piece of wearable tech makes life worthy by filtering all the unnecessary noises. The Altruis works as the new-age pager and doubles up as a bracelet, ring or necklace. You set it for the keywords you want to attend the messages for and for the rest, it just mutes the ringer. It is available in three different materials, platinum, gold and gold rose. By 2015, it may be available as leather wristband for men. Until then, girls, it is all yours! ?

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Cuff blends in safety features and smartphone alerts into fashionable accessories. Wonderful because it works as a pedometer and is compatible with Android as well as iOS. Awesome because it has safety alert feature that can be used in case of emergency to give real-time audio description of your situation to your family members. Fantastic because it looks beautiful as a bracelet or necklace and can be teamed up with any outfit, a little black dress or a business suit.



Ringly is sexy, charming and naughty. It is a ring, for God’s sake but looks oh-so-cute and precious that you cannot resist its charm. Studded with semi-precious stones like sapphire and emerald, it is compatible with iOS and android. It alerts you for incoming calls, emails and text messages that you miss while your phone is your handbag. Its social wizardry also needs a mention that includes Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder and Facebook.

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Tory Burch+Fitbit

Tory Burch comes together with Fitbit to create a balanced mix of substance and style. Does she succeed? 100% because what you have is a brainchild that is gold plated and is in the form of necklace that could light up your face even on the gloomiest of days. Yes, it does work as health tracker too! J

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UV radiation can be very dangerous for people with sensitive skin. At times, when we are blissfully unaware of exposure to UV rays, this smart-looking gem-cum-wearable tech would monitor the levels and will inform you to either seek a shade or apply a sunscreen. To protect you against Sun, it will also alert you to reapply sunscreen if needed. So, what say ladies, is not this enough to put June on your must-have wearables’ list?

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First Sign Hair Clip

In this world of uncertainly, safety is paramount. There are times when pepper spray becomes inaccessible and you do not have enough time to reach out for numbers saved on your feature-laced smartphone. This is when First Sign hair clip comes in handy. This hair clip has a button that can be used to alert a few selected numbers to notify your location in case of an emergency. There is a subscription fee of $5 per month. The same service can be availed in the form of a headband and is currently available in the U.S. only.

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So ladies, what say? Is not the world of stylish wearable exciting enough to take a look at? Trust me, it is just a sneak peek as there are many wearables craving for your one glance and hoping that you would take a fancy to their subtle beauty and subliminal technology.


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