I wonder when a company could launch color changing bra or bras with heart rate monitors pre-installed in them (Do we really need them?), why could not they think of functional as well as comfortable bras that could help us women to do what we want to do. Whether we are hiking or having a cup of coffee, we are feeling either too restrained or too easy. There is a not a middle, comfortable way out that can be opted for without making the boobs go all over or press unnaturally. If we talk about a sports bra, it is in fact even dicey because it is body-hugging and uncomfortable to prevent boob go all bouncy during exercise. And moreover, it lacks the fashion appeal too!

Though, women have multitudes of bras available in the market. From strapless bras to underwire bra, from pushup bras to satin-lace net bra, all the while emphasizing on the form than the function. Sports bra does help the matter a bit, but it is also the most uncomfortable ones. Pressing your breasts to the ribs, I wonder how we women manage to breathe!

Sigh! Well, not anymore as it seems that technology is finally responding to our needs. A group of scientists at the University of Wollongong in Australia have invented a prototype that detects the movements of breasts and provides necessary support in accordance with that. Led by Professor Julie Steele, Director of Breast Research Australia (BRA) and Professor Gordon Wallace, this research has been continued for last 15 years and has given us the bra that is made of smart yarn. This bra also features sensors and actuators. Dubbed as Bionic bra, this bra will loosen its grip or tighten around the breast area, as needed.

If this prototype sees the light of day, this will help millions of women to find the right breast support. Steele, who studied the breast movements intensively during physical activity for the last 15 years, has found that 85% of women across the world do not wear a right fit. She also emphasized that due to the lack of right support, women can go on to suffer neck pain, back pain and numbness in the fingers due to the compression of shoulder nerves.

The Bionic bra’s sensors detect the movement and respond to it. For example, if you are running, the bra will tighten around to prevent bouncing. If you are having a lunch, these sensors will track your easy body movement and relax the fibers around the breasts to make up for some breathing space.

Made of super fibers blended with the garment, it cannot be washed or thrown into washing machine. Apart from this, there are many other kinks that need to be sorted out before it goes to manufacturing. The design is anything but a bra. It looks more like a piece taken out of a bulletproof vest. It does not comply with the fashion sense of today’s women. Moreover, if it has to be worn all around, it has to fit under several dresses, from a little black dress to a cowboy shirt. So, it needs to blend in both form and function to cater wide sensibilities. But anyways, the idea of Bionic bra looks neat and is much-coveted. If the kinks could be worked on, we can hope for its seamless integration to our day-to-day life until then, we can just hope that the designers and developers make this utopia real for women all over the world.


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