Wearable Tech Gift Ideas: It is the festive season and it is also the time to take your festivity up by a few notches by celebrating it in a different, unusual and of course, the geeky way.

Choosing gifts for your beloved who also happens to be a geek or gadget-freak can be very troublesome. While other men can warm up to you when you gift them, a geek friend or beloved won’t even as much as raise his head to see what you brought them.

Likewise, while women get all mushy as soon as you utter the word “gift”, a geek girlfriend, wife or sister won’t budge even at the sight of a princess-cut solitaire ring! So, here we are, helping you out of the dilemma and letting you choose the perfect “wearable gadget” for your gadget-freak beloved.

Wear Arena brings you the coolest, funkiest and geekiest wearable devices and smart wear that also double up as the Christmas and New Year Gift for the geek in your life so that they do not only go through the trouble of lifting their head but also let out a relaxed sigh that finally you got it right!

The smart wear Tech Gift Ideas presented here cover the geekiest SmartWare bands to the basic t-shirts laced with electronic board. So, geek or not, everybody is going to love these!

Best Wearable Tech Gift Ideas 2020

Microsoft Band:

Microsoft Band

The band was launched amidst high speculations and least expectations. Now, tech pundits are of opinion that Microsoft Band is everything what Apple Watch should have been. It is cross-platform which implies that it is compatible with Android and Apple devices too. It is a fitness band meets smartwatch meet cloud-powered data system. With high-end features like GPS navigation and heart monitoring, it is priced at just $199 that makes it a class apart in the much-crowded wearable segment. (Link)

To know more about: Microsoft Band.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves:

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

If your geek friend also loves to talk on his phone, you can get him Bluetooth handset capacitive touch gloves that would keep your friend’s hands warm as well as let him connect via extending his pinky finger and thumb (yes, the same gesture we have been using since times memorial to signal people to call us). This is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices.

It needs dry-cleaning. It is available for both men and women, in different sizes and colors. The rechargeable battery has the standby time of 10 hours and can give talk time of 20 hours. The battery can be juiced up via micro USB. Since the gloves are made of conductive fibers, you could use the smartphone and swipe the screen even with the gloves on. The Bluetooth handset gloves are reasonably priced at $69.99.

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Gunnar Eyewear:

Gunnar Eyewear

Most of the geeks spend their time gazing at their computer or smartphones’ screen. Eventually, this leads to strain on eyes, fatigued eye muscles and headaches. So, to help your gadget-freak friend, get him a pair of Gunnar technology glasses.

Gunnar is a technology that is recommended by doctors for people who spend most of the time on computer and helps them to reduce digital stress on eyes. The eyewear is available in different color, frame sizes, shapes and purposes.

You can buy specific glasses in accordance with particular need. For instance, if one is into gaming, computing or use prescription glasses already, one can buy that type of glass. The eyewear is available at the cost of $79 to $189.

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Jawbone Up:

Jawbone Up

If you want to encourage your geek friend to go on a fitness spree, Jawbone Up is the perfect wearable smartwear to gift. The vibrating alarm helps you to wake up and start your day as well as fitness regime on time. For tracking purpose, you can integrate the Jawbone fitness band with Android or Apple device.

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If your friend is Apple lover and passionate about music, gift him / her iRing that is the first ever motion controller for Apple devices. Be it iPhone, iPad or iPod, one can control the volume and create music by hand gestures by simply moving hands over the device. It is sleek and stylish.

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Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses:

The concept of Vuzix M100 smart glasses is based somewhere on the lines of Google Glasses. A perfect gift for your friend if he is hopeful about augmented reality! A cool gadget that can be connected to Android devices through Bluetooth and features Android 4.0 KitKat, 4GB storage capacity, WiFi and GPS. The screen is 800×400 pixel. (Link)

Rusty’s Wired Hoody:

You can help your beloved or friend to bid farewell to the frustration of tangled earphones. Rusty has designed a wired series hoody in which the elastic strings double up as the earphones. This hoody can be machine-washed, which means these earphones are waterproof. So, you do not need to remove or insert them again. Just plug-in the device to the jack and the music is raring-to-go! Rusty hoody line is available in several colors and for both men and women.

Swarovski USB Drive Necklace:

Swarovski USB Drive Necklace

The USB drives have a tryst with luxury and fashion. Taking crystal-studded to a completely new level, now you have Swarovski-studded 4 GB USB drive that doubles up as a pendant too. Available in light rose and violet color, the heart-shaped drive can be purchased for $75 and is the perfect gift for a techie girl.

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Nike Hyperdunk +

Nike Hyperdunk +

Nike Hyperdunk + is for geeks, who are fitness-enthusiasts and basketball player too. These shoes will let you monitor speed, height of the jump and track the performance. The sensors on the shoes also relay the information and notification of the connected smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can record videos and share the fitness stats on social media platforms. It is available for both men and women but choose this only if the recipient is a shoe-junkie or into serious gaming as well as a techie!

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Interactive Love T- Shirt

Interactive t-shirts for geeks are not new but flaunting it as a couple surely is. Go to Christmas parties and show off your geeky compatibility with the matching t-shirt. Equipped with AA batteries and electronic circuits, these t-shirts have equalizer printed which react to the sounds.


You can also buy interactive electronic drum t-shirt with 7 buttons that can be pushed to generate sound. These are easy to maintain and durable because these are not some Tech Gift Ideas wizardry but plain electronic circuit that needs to be removed before washing.

Now you know what you have to gift to please the techie in your life. So, better do not get it wrong this time! ?


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