Thanks to the dynamic Indian PM Narendra Modi, the ancient art and practice that involves mental, physical and spiritual well-being is back in spotlight and how! People are going crazy all over and so is wearable tech! The whole world is celebrating and rejoicing the World Yoga Day. Weararena also makes a comeback with this roundup of best yoga wearables, exclusively for the International Yoga Day on June 21.

International Yoga Day


Unlike gym workouts or cardio, you don’t need any equipment to do Yoga (just a mat and a corner in your house or a park where you can meditate or practice ‘yogasana’) but since this art is all about the correct posture, right breathing and coordination of your mind, inner conscious and body into one, there you might as well need Yoga wearables to help you out! So in this auspiscious occassion, we have prepared a list of the Best Yoga Wearables you can download for daily yoga.

Best Wearables for Yoga  2018

Microsoft Band 2:

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 is the second generation fitness tracker and helps the user with guided workouts from the Microsoft Health app. From this health app, user can download a different sets of workouts, including yoga. Even the users can get experts’s tip from various workouts gurus of Shape Magazine, Gold’s Gym, Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness. Microsoft Band 2, one of the best Yoga Smartwatch is very easy to sync with and it even measures your heart rate along with the other fitness tracking abilities.

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WellBe cannot be strictly termed as a Yoga wearable as it recognizes stress levels and tracks heart rate. But we have considered this crowdsourcing wrist wearable here as it guides a person and takes him through breathing exercises, meditation, and meditation mentoring programs to calm him down. It is eco-friendly and made of cork.

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Spire is cute and small.  You can attach it to your bra, vest or belt.  Designed by Calming Technologies Lab at Stanford, this wearable measure breathing patterns and is a basic pedometer. This algorithm is used to point your stress levels.  At just $149.95, this wearable claims to reduce the tension by half by just tracking your breathing style. Quite a feat! When it senses you breathing abnormally, it detects higher stress levels and nudges you gently to calm down by taking deep breaths.  It works because of its sassy design and its functionality.

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Prana is a Sanskrit word and translates to life. Besides being a traditional pedometer and fitness wearable, this wearable tracks breathing and postures, two fundamentals that Yoga relies heavily on.  It can track up to 10 breath and posture statistics and is capable to distinguish between chest and diaphragmatic breathing. Monitoring breathing pattern is important because according to Vedic science, breathing is the key to relaxation and long life. Every person on this Earth has been given certain number of breaths and with Yoga; you can optimize the breathing as well as extend your life span.  Believe it or not, but you know that for sure how Yoga can breathe life in your lifeless routine!



What do you get when your pants mate tech? Definitely We: eX’s (read Wearable Experiments) new wearable, known as Nadi X and, which helps you to form correct posture and lets you achieve optimum alignment. The idea is to create awareness about your body flow. This gadget guides you through its in-built coach, or urm…pants!  It claims to be fully functional, unobtrusive, comfortable and much-like pants. The haptic vibrations sent by the wearable pants are built into a language and can be interpreted to read your form. This is only a matter of time that we’ll have real time body tactile technology evolving into a full range of yoga clothing line!

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Deriving its name from the sacred sound, ‘OM’, Ohm is a smart belt that alerts you whenever it senses improper breathing.  While tickling you to alertness, it records and process breathing pattern to help you stay on track with your yoga regime.



Like Nadi X, Athos Gear is a smart clothing line that revs up your Yoga time by optimizing the body performance. Though, nowhere it says that it is a specifically-designed yoga wearable tech but the gear tracks biosignals and sends feedback to your app and this data can very well be translated to optimize your meditation and yoga sessions.  The app shows you the exertion levels, indicates to your progress and prompts you to set new goals. The performance gear has non-adhesive biosignal sensors and utilizes sweat-wick technology.



To do Yoga, you just need to have two things to your side, willpower and a yoga mat. And not smartening up the mat would have been foolish. SmartMat is embedded with whopping 21,000 sensors that monitor your body balance, posture and pressure. Bluetooth sends the data the iOS and Android-compatible app and helps you get the most from your session.  Moreover, you get voice help for real-time improvement.  The ‘Zen Mode’ of SmartMat lets you review your performance after the session.  It is made of PVC and you cannot tell a difference between a normal and SmartMat until of course you are told to shell out $297 for the latter.

Tata Group’s Upcoming Yoga Wearable:

Tata Group’s Upcoming Yoga Wearable

When everybody else is getting high on yoga-inspired wearable, how could be the home base left behind? Back home, this 148-year old company is venturing into the world of wearable tech and the rumors are rife about developing wrist bands for two different segments one of which is certainly about Yoga enthusiasts to help them track their alertness and breathing patterns.  The wearable is said to be in testing phase.

Though, it won’t be the first experience of India’s largest conglomerate with smart tech. This year in January, it launched Titan Juxt, one of its very first smartwatches.



Enflux is a yoga-friendly smart clothing line which makes sure that the user is exercising correctly. The working mechanism of this yoga wearable depends on an array of five motion sensors which easily fit inside a machine and tracks yours movement including range of motion, repetitions, and power.

You can even wash the leggings or the shirt with which the sensors attach to. Enflux, the yoga wearable is also able to provide instant feedback to improve your yoga schedule and even tell the user when to stop or whether you are doing over exercise or not.


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