If you have already bagged a Moto 360, then the good news is that you can wear it with variety of compatible bands and straps that is available in the market. Whether you want a sporty look or a classy look, here is a range of Moto 360 straps to choose from and give your desired look.

Best Moto 360 Straps:

Best Moto 360 Straps


Moto 360 Metal Straps

A large variety of metal bands which are compatible with Moto 360 are available on the online retail stores. Starting from the Pebble Steel Band to OEM’s official Steel bands, a range of options are there to choose from.

Moreover, in this metallic range you will get two color options, one is black and another is silver. And just in case you want to flaunt both these colors in your hand, then you can get that as well. Pebble has a Moto 360 band which is combo of metallic black band with silver band around its dial.

So your smartwatch doesn’t only come with a smart processor, but a stylish band as well. A black-colored steel mesh band is also available with Moto 360 for those who like the meshed style.

Pebble Steel Band for Moto 360

Pebble Steel Band for Moto 360


Features :

  • Colors: Available in Stainless Steel or Black Matte
  • Fold-over clasp
  • Band Length: 182mm adjustable length
  • Price: $19.99

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OEM Official Motorola Moto 360 Steel Bands

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GOOQ stainless steel metal band

  • Made from a stainless steel mesh.
  • Flaunts a neat textured look and feel.
  • Comfortably moves around your wrist
  • The clasp is also made of stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant and durable

Fitian stainless steel band

  • Made of stainless steel links.
  • Connected by two spring pins which are easy to install.
  • Looks classy as well as very durable.

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Moto 360 Leather Straps:

Moto 360 Leather Straps


Smartwatch is a 21st century invention and a really useful one as well. If you wish to adapt to the technology and yet want to maintain the vintage look, then you should go for the custom leather band from E3 Supply Co Strap.

Brown Pvd Leather Croco Replacement Watch Strap


  • Fits Pebble Steel or Moto360
  • Genuine Leather Croco
  • PVD Black Steel Hardware
  • Sweat Resistant Lining

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Silicone Ss Replacement Watch Strap Moto 360

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MOTONG genuine leather band

  • The stitching comes along the sides of the band.
  • The two-toned wash really makes the band fits better on your wrist.
  • You can easily poke an extra hole or two to make sure you get the right fit.

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Hadley-Roma genuine leather strap

  • The leather looks slightly worn but gives a nice, classy look.
  • The contrasted stitching along the band provides a defined look.
  • The water-resistant coating prevents the band from sweat and light amounts of rain.

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Moto 360 Sport Band

Moto 360 Sport Band



VIMVIP silicone sports watch band

  • Made out of silicone, so your sweat won’t ruin the band.
  • Perfect for the workout.
  • Comes with an added texture inside which prevents the band from moving around.
  • Also, the band allows air to move in between your skin and the watch.
  • Less chance for any skin irritation.

Rerri sports band

  • A simple silicone band with a metal clasp which provides you with a plain, simple as well as classic look.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Features two spring metal pins and the tool to remove the pins.
  • Easy to change it out whenever you like.

Moto 360 Strap Bands:

Moto 360 Strap Bands


Two varieties of strap bands are also available on the online retail shop. One is Nato Strap and the Custom Paracord band which is going to make you feel comfortable irrespective of the weather. The Nato strap is black and red band and the Custom Paracord band comes in light grey shade.

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All these Moto 360 bands are available on all the major online retail stores like Amazon, EBay and other stores. Changing the straps is also really easy so you can actually order more than one Moto 360 band so that you can show off a new watch every day. Place your order now!!


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