Best Smartwatch: While 2018 can be attributed to as the stepping stone of the wearable wrist device where we saw companies launching smartwatches left, right and center, 2019 can be termed as the period where we saw wrist-based smartwear and other wearables evolving, shining and vying for the spot among the best smartwatches of 2019.

The evolution of smartwatches has been intriguing and pretty interesting. While many of you are still pondering over the real functionality of smartwatches as they are still tagging along with a smartphone, people have taken quite a liking to this new trend.

If you belong to the latter category and thinking over which is the best smartwatch to buy in 2019, here is the curated list of best smartwatch 2019 for you!

Best Smartwatch Reviews 2019

1. ASUS ZenWatch (review):

ASUS ZenWatch

The debutante entry from ASUS, it is a sexy little thing that runs on Android Wear and costs you just $200. Conforming to the parameters ASUS, the Taiwanese company has been known for, it is affordable and delivers too.

Its super AMOLED rectangular screen stands out amidst the crowd of round-faced smartwatches. The scratch-resistant metal chassis and screen of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 make it durable and adaptable to real-life wear-ability.

Packing in-built storage of 4GB and 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, ZenWatch offers a unique feature of muting the ringer for incoming call by just covering the face of the watch. Yes, now when we have your interest, you can read all about it here. Meanwhile, ASUS has also planned its sequel, ASUS ZenWatch 2.

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 2. Moto 360:

Moto 360


After Google acquired Motorola, it was like a new lease of life for the company. The Android wear Moto 360 vouch for it. The round design enhances the display area and the variety of slim bands lets you customize the watch while ensuring a comfortable fit.

Though as the first round-faced watch, its reception was kind of lukewarm but with increased support for developers, excellent craftsmanship, notification pattern and customized options, it has been able to save face and garner positive reviews. At $250, it is worth every penny you spend.

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 3. LG G Watch R:

LG G Watch R


Unlike Motorola Moto 360’s flat-tire visual fiasco, LG G Watch R gets the round-face right. Rolling in sensors like barometer, heart rate sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and compass, it also offers exceptional battery life of about 2 days (depending on the usage).

LG G Watch R sports thick bezel when compared to ASUS ZenWatch. The body is stainless steel and as of now the company is not offering any customization option.

The watch is bit on heavier side but when it comes to the build quality as well as the hardware of the watch, the OEMs could learn a lesson or two from the South Korean company. The sequel is also in the making.

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 4. Garmin Vivoactive:

Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin, which has been known for fitness band until now, adds Vivoactive to its product portfolio. Vivoactive is a fully-functional smartwatch that is the first watch to rely on Garmin’s patented and unique ConnectIQ app store.

While it utilizes the fitness expertise of American company, it can control the playback and alert you for incoming calls, text messages and social media notifications. It features GPS that can track number of steps and calories burnt even when you are not connected to your phone.

Garmin Vivoactive is available in two models, as a standalone model without the heart rate monitor for $250 whereas the bundled offering will be available for $350. Check Garmin vivoactive 3 black friday deal.

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 5. Samsung Gear S (Review):

Samsung Gear S

Though, Samsung Gear S is terribly down on style and very bulky yet some of its features work in its favor. The big size makes for the easy readability. The S Voice works really well. The USP of the Gear S is phone dialer and text messaging that let you dictate to the watch.

It runs on Samsung-developed Tizen OS and if you want to try this new OS, it is available for $350. You can read the full review here and decide for yourself.

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6. Guess Connect (Review):

Guess Connect


Dear ladies, it is for you. It is the classy case of bling, which had a secret romantic affair with technology. Martian runs the show here and gives Rigor watches of Guess a much-needed makeover.

You can customize the vibrations for each alert and speak to it via the in-built microphone. The analog watch uses standard battery for time-telling and USB charging point for smartwatch capabilities. It is compatible with iOS and android via the connecting app and is available at the pretty price point of $300. Most styleies smartphones for women in 2019.

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 7. Pebble Steel:

Pebble Steel


The affordable of them all, Pebble Steel smartwatch is compatible with both android and iOS. It is available for just $200 yet gets all the things quite right. Be it swipe-to-glance notifications, daylight e-paper display, powerful battery (7-days) or Pebble app store, you can do a lot with it. Do not expect much on the aesthetics and design part, though. This is best budget Smartphone of 2019.

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 8. Yes, Apple Watch Series 4:

Apple Watch Series 4


Apple Watch has finally arrived and while users are having tough time laying their hands on it, it is sure getting the attention and we tell you, is worth the wait too!
Apple Inc.’s debutante wearable is getting mixed reactions but the trade figures beg to differ.

And please don’t ask the reactions of users as every second man wants to be hailed as “That Apple Watch guy!” We don’t have sales figures yet but we know that even the initial buzz is enough to declare it a bestseller smartwatch.
Claimed to be the most personal device made ever by the Cupertino Company, Apple Watch is available in 20 models for you to choose from.

Fine leather straps, sapphire crystal display and the wide array of Apple Watch apps including Apple Health Kit and NFC-enabled contactless Apple Pay!

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Trying to get the centuries-old gadget technically right is not a child’s play. Since you need to sport the smartwatch on the wrist where it is visible to all, the OEMs have to juggle between aesthetics and features while trying to find the right balancing spot.

Battery, weight and calling functions remain a pain point. Anyhow, this list sums up the best of wearable tech available for you till now. And here is hoping that it will help you to make an informed decision.


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