Magisk Modules 2020: Magisk is a open-source root solutions that offer a system-less interface, the module is add-ons that enable the user to modify his/her device with ease and greater peace of mind. When compared to other root solutions, the Magisk cube offers greater option and ease of use

Best Magisk Modules 2020

If you have don’t know about Magisk Module then you should know that Magisk and the modules are a popular tool that most of the people in the modding world use. The greatest advantage of Magisk Module is that it could modify the device without actually messing up the Android system. Downloading the Magisk software is not that easy, first, you will have to root the device and use custom mods along with official Google apps like Google Pay.

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Advantages of using Magisk modules:

Advantages of using Magisk modules

  1. Offer system less interface
  2. Easy to use
  3. Designed to hide the root from other application such as Netflix, banking etc that would not work on rooted devices
  4. Magisk module keeps their app updated at even periods
  5. Offers more than 50+ modules that could be used to modify the device like the user’s preference

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To be simple, you should know that Magisk is the basic mod app that could be installed on your device and the modules are those add-ons that could enable the user to modify each feature according to the user’s preference

Here is the list of top Magisk Modules available today

1. Xposed Framework:

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is a platform that enables the user to install and use small programs on any Android devices with ease. The purpose of the Xposed Framework is to bend the Android operating system without actually crashing the system. It is said that the Xposed modifies an app by building around the basic framework of the Android OS that enables Android tweaks and mod to execute without any disruption


2. Viper4Android:


This module for Magisk is one of the best modules with the most features and enhanced music mod incorporated into it. This module helps the user alter or modify the audio capabilities of the device with ease. The main advantage of the module is that it hands over the over control of the device audio to the user, as mentioned earlier, the module allows the user customize the performance of the audio features on the device, which includes headset, Bluetooth, and a dock

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3. YouTube Vanced:

YouTube Vanced

Are you bored and annoyed with the YouTube ads that pop up your screen every now and then? Is your device rooted and Magisk module installed? Then the YouTube Vanced module is the best choice for you. This module if installed could block all the unwanted and annoying ads from the YouTube and the same module also has a background play option which is not available in any other YouTube apps or software’s. The module also allows the user to control the volume and brightness through on-screen swipe controls


4. Camera2API Enabler:

Camera2API Enabler

If you are a more into clicking pictures using your phone camera and if you need high quality pictures with features like Google’s Pixel, then, you should download and install this best magisk module, which could simply enhance the picture quality of the captured pictures. Like the Google optimization features incorporated into Google Pixel devices, this module also offers an excellent optimization feature that enables the user to click high-quality pictures with ease


5. GPU Turbo Boost:

Are you a gamer? Do you prefer your Smartphone to be fast and exhibit turbo speed? Then, you should consider downloading and installing this magisk module because it plays an important role in enhancing the performance and speed of the device, which, in turn, makes the high-end games run smoothly. The most notable feature of this module is that it enhances the GPU power by 75% and reduces the power consumption by 25%. We recommend that you download and use this module


6. Emoji One:

This feature would allow the user add Emoji to the device that could be used while messaging or any other purpose including social media. Is your Smartphone rooted? Do you want to enjoy the same features as that of the Android OS like lollipop, Oreo etc? Then, we recommend you should consider purchasing this magisk module.


7. Greenify4Magisk:


Almost every Smartphone available on the market comes with inbuilt battery saver today. What if you have a rooted device? Do not worry, this magisk module could help you save battery as it is designed to minimize the power consumption of each app and the background apps are killed each and every time. This, in turn, plays an important role in reducing power consumption. One of the notable things about this module is that it comes with boost mode that increases the power efficiency even more


8. Cloud flare DNS:

Privacy is your major concern? Are you using a rooted device? Then, Cloud flare DNS is what you should consider downloading and installing. This module is designed to keep you isolated from any external interference. The module is designed in such a way that it could prevent anyone from tracing the IP address and location in any way. The module is available for both IPv4 and IPv6 variants


9. App Systemizer:

App Systemizer is used to convert the third party apps installed in the device to system apps. However, this process is done systemlessly through the Magisk platform with ease. The same module also comes with a companion app that could be used to convert any other apps than the third party apps to system app


10. Pixel Experience:

Pixel is one of the top Android phone available on the Indian market right now. If you consider having Google Pixel like features on your rooted device, then, consider downloading and installing this module on your device. The module is designed to deliver the same feel, features, and functionality like Pixel 2. To be simple, install this module and you will get Pixel 2 launcher, audio files, themes, fonts etc.



Magisk is one of the top apps that would help you root your Android device. However, just rooting your device does not help; you will have to install modules to use the features of the device. Are you want to any other module in this list of best magisk modules? please lets us know via comments.

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