List of Proxy Sites: EZTV was one of the most popular ways to download and stream the TV series and movies on our PC and other digital devices. And although the website is officially shut down in the year 2015. You can still find a couple of proxy links that have equally good quality torrents and brilliant seeding speeds.

So, if you were looking for a reliable and easy to use way to download the torrent files of your favorite movies and shows, then it is advisable that you should once have a look at these proxy links for the EZTV links and use them accordingly.

Top List of Proxy Sites and Mirrors for EZTV Torrent in 2020

Best List of Proxy Sites & Mirrors

Undoubtedly, the EZTV was one of the most popular ways to download the latest and high-quality content among those internet users who do not want to buy the movies and TV series’ DVDs form the store.

However, instead of having enormous popularity among the internet users. The website has to be forcibly shut down due to piracy issues. After the year 2015 when the website was officially closed. The internet users kept on searching for the alternatives of the EZTV to download reliable torrents on their PCs and other digital devices.

Why you must use the proxies and mirror links to download the EZTV torrent:

EZTV torrent

Here’s when the proxies and mirror links to download the torrents come handy. These proxies and mirror links let the users to download the torrent easily just as it was from the official  EZTV website. These websites are reliable and easy to use.

So, you won’t have to work hard to get the torrents for your desired movies or TV series. You can also search for the favorite genre or categories of torrent as usual, and also see whether the torrent has a sufficient amount of seeders, or not.

In all, these proxies and mirror links have helped millions of internet users worldwide to relive the era when the EZTV was one of most trending torrent websites across the globe.

So, if you are also willing to do that and are looking for a reliable way to download the torrents. Look for the proxy links and mirror links are at below to get the best torrent downloading experience today.

In case you are new to the world peer-to-peer downloading and are not aware of the proxy websites much. Then here is the list of proxy and mirror websites for EZTV that may be very useful for you to download the latest movie and TV series torrents.


These are the best and the most reliable proxies and mirrors for EZTV that you can use now. So instead of searching for new and unreliable torrent websites. Try your hands on the reliable proxies and mirror websites listed above.

They are fast, reliable and have good amount of the latest torrents from the different fields. Try finding your desired movies there, and you will be more than just satisfied by the performance of these websites.


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