Top Cheap Smartwatches: Wearable Technology has taken up technology industry and markets at a swift pace. Recently the Smartwatches were introduced into the market and now they are not only under innovation but also these are budget-friendly options for cost-sensitive people. Below are the list of best cheap smartwatches under $100 for 2019.

Best Cheap Smartwatches:

Best Cheap Smartwatches


1. Pebble Steel and Time

Pebble Steel and Time

Pebble is one of the best cheap smartwatches in the segment which was a first on its kind. It was introduced in the year 2013 and was a huge hit. The smartwatch supports both iOS and Android platform and has many applications.

The battery life is very good and can last up to a week. The ink screen of this smartwatch contributes heavily to its elongated battery life. There have been two version of it afterward called Pebble Steel and the Pebble Time. The basic version of Pebble is cheap, comes in various colors and is available at a price range of USD 68 to 75 in Amazon. This is best cheap smartwatch under $100

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2. Garmin Vivosmart:

Garmin Vivosmart


The next in the list of best smartwatch under $100 is the Garmin Vivosmart. It is a wearable that doubles up as a smartwatch. This wearable is paired with heart rate monitor, speed sensor or VIRB Elite action camera 2.

It is a complete package fitness tracker which monitors activities and has the ability to sync to your mobile at particular strategic timings. There is a hidden OLED screen which can activate by double-tapping.

It efficiently monitors and alerts through vibrations during text notifications, incoming calls and much more like that of a smartwatch. There are five attractive color options to choose from along with size options. The price of the product is in the range of USD 95 to 100 in Amazon.

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3. Alcatel OneTouch Watch:

Alcatel OneTouch Watch


Alcatel OneTouch Watch is a simple looking analog watch which performs the functionalities of a Bluetooth smartwatch and a basic level fitness tracker. It has a round face and is waterproof. It supports USB charging.

Alcatel OneTouch functions both on Android and iOS platform. It functions in the range of two to five days with single charging. It has NFC and heart rate tracking abilities with OS plus Alcatel which is the product of the brand itself. Alcatel OneTouch at USD 95 to 100 in Amazon. this is one of the best cheap smartwatches for Android.

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4. A8 POWER DZ09 Gear S

A8 POWER DZ09 Gear S

This wonder Bluetooth Smartwatch supports a dual-mode functionality. It works in the Bluetooth mode wherein one can receive calls, make calls and receive text messages. In the sim card mode, it double up as your phone and can perform similar functions.

It supports both Android and iOS platform. It has a capacitive touch screen which is very profound. The price of the product is in the range of USD 40 to 45 in Amazon.

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5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch: Best cheap Smartwatch for Kids

5. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch : Best cheap Smartwatch for Kids

This smartwatch is mainly targeting at children within 4 to 7 years of age. Available in bright color options, this smartwatch mainly adds a fun touch to the kid’s experience.

The 0.3MP camera allows the budding photographers to capture images and add various creative clipart feature to the same. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is loaded with games and voice recording feature with a twist. It is a creative smartwatch for kids in every aspect. The product is priced at USD 40 to 45 in Amazon.

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6. Sony SmartWatch SW2

Sony Smart Watch SW2


The Sony SmartWatch SW2 is an all-round smartwatch which effectively manages your calls and texts, adds to notification check by supporting Facebook and Twitter and contains entertainment applications as well. It works on the Android platform and is water-resistant. It also supports NFC other than Bluetooth connectivity. Available in various attractive colors, the price of the product ranges from USD 85 to 90 in Amazon.

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7. Martian Notifier

Martian Notifier

Martian Notifier is a futuristic smartwatch which is basically a notification band that looks like an ordinary wristwatch. The main USP of this Bluetooth smartwatch is it shows smartphone notifications on your wrist. This round shaped cheap smartwatch displays the notifications through a 96×16 OLED screen which is placed at the bottom left of the watch face.

Martian Notifier syncs with both iOS and Android handsets to display what notifications are coming on your phone, such as texts, calls, social media activity, weather alerts, and much other stuff. Users can also customize the vibration patterns for each notification, which is a really nice touch by the company. This attractive Bluetooth smartwatch falls under the price range of $30 to $40.

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