Do not write BlackBerry off. At least for now. After facing a few turbulent years, the company is trying to establish its foot once again in the market. Catching on the wearables trend, BlackBerry brings you its popular cross-platform messaging service, BBM to Android Wear smartwatches such as Moto 360 and LG G Watch R2. At international CES 2015, the company showcased its new-found compatibility with the wearables in the prototype version. Most of much-liked features find a place in the wearable BBM too. So, if you are use BBM and receive lots of messages on it, you can now read the notifications from the wrist.

Apart from reading the messages, you can also accept or reject a BBM invite and scroll through the messages or contacts list. You can also send a pre-defined response quickly. Voice Support and Google Now compatibility is also there to utilize BBM hands-free. People who use BlackBerry phone can now play with smartwatch, hands-free without feeling the need of flashing their phone now and then.

BlackBerry’s shining era was over. After reigning at the corporate houses for about a decade, BlackBerry could not stand the tide of cheaper and better looking Android smartphones. Since most of us were using BlackBerry and there were not messaging services working over the data like WhatsApp, BBM was the way to go. After the slump in the sales and its takeover, BBM tried to revive itself by offering BBM for android but in the crowd of several colorful and beautiful applications like LINE and WhatsApp, it was lost in the middle of nowhere.

According to the numbers announced at the CES 2015, BBM has 90 million active users. About 70 percent of the users are actively using BlackBerry’s messaging services, which is far lesser than WhatsApp. To its credit, WhatsApp has about 700 million active users in the year 2014. But by offering and extending the BBM to wearables, the Canadian tech company may seek to gain its foothold in wearables and buy some time before it finally extinguishes or decides to brave the fate.

Since the wearable market is growing exponentially and the number of smartwatches that will be sold by the year 2017 is staggering 45 million, this might do the trick for the Canadian Company. Like the casual apps we have now, BBM had an air of superiority and formality about itself, which sure was liked by many top honchos. Most of us spend about 9 hours a week on sending emoticons or messaging and while the A-listers like WhatsApp are ditching the smartwear anyhow, BlackBerry’s move is highly appreciated. It is still a prototype but looks promising. Though, there are several things that BB would like to introduce to the final release such as multiple files sending, sharing the chat and the ability of sharing different format of files.

The company’s has announced the release of BBM for smartwear by early 2015. At CES, the CEO termed it as a first step for Android Wear compatibility, so chances are we might be seeing more of BlackBerry Messaging services for smartwear in the year 2015. If you are also looking forward to see more of BBM, go ahead, download the BBM and update your contacts.


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