Wearables are the future. These days there’s a smartwatch coming up for every other health issues. Ava is one such unique wearable developed by a Swiss startup who wants to revolutionize reproductive health. The wristband pinpoints a woman’s fertility window that helps women trying to get pregnant. Ava is now available for $199.

What Ava Does?

Ava bracelet is just the latest in a host of fertility-tracking products. What Ava does is that it tracks the fertility cycles and helps her figure out the optimal time to conceive.  According to The New England Journal of Medicine, normally a healthy couple having sex everyday, has 25% chances of conceiving. However, the chances of conceiving successfully will decrease with age, health issues, decreasing intercourse frequency, and a couple of other factors. So Ava will try to point out a perfect time for the couple to conceive.

How to Use Ava?

A woman wears Ava bracelet at night which is backed by 12-hours battery (and takes an hour to recharge). Ava will monitor the woman at night and send some 3 million data points to her connected smartphone.

The data will be displayed as graphs along with a timeline of the woman’s cycle. As a result, Ava will be able to predict a perfect time for conceiving. It’ll show when the woman is at the peak of its fertility. The longer a woman wears the bracelet, the more accurate the prediction will be.

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Following beta clinical trials of a year-long study at the University Hospital of Zurich, Ava received FDA approval in the US. The bracelet is Food and Drug Administration-approved and tracks nine physical metrics, including heat loss and heart rate variability.

Jessica, a 26-year-old who used Ava in beta testing said: “It’s a very different experience, to wear a watch overnight rather than sneak off in the middle of the work day with a strip and a pee cup.”


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