ASUS Zenwatch is the debutante entry from the Taiwanese company to the Android wear segment. Dubbed as ASUS ZenWatch (WI500Q), it features a stunning display and is one of the most refined wrist wears based on Google Android smartwear console. ASUS is known for providing high-performance, consistency and aesthetics, all rolled into one in its devices at competitive prices and this time, it takes it to next level in its debutante smartwear entry.
Named as the official partner at IFA 2014 for Android wear, ASUS, in my opinion, has always been underrated as the choice for people who are budget-conscious. But time and again, it has proved to be the winner and value-for-proposition for the segment that is cluttered with big names that have not anything innovative to offer but the labels designed to burn a hole in your pocket.
When the Taiwanese company has come up with its Android-based ASUS ZenWatch, it looks poised to rattle up the competition. So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is!

IFA, September was the first time, when experts had the first glance at ASUS ZenWatch. But little did we know that it would turn out to be as exquisite and refined as it looked back then. The Super AMOLED screen stands out and the square watch face makes it different but a little odd amidst the crowd of round dials of smart wrist wear devices. The front and rear casing is made of stainless steel that gives the watch a smooth and sheen finish. The square face of the watch could look a little clunky and too big to some. The cover glass is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so if you tend to be careless with your gadgets, you are safe on that front. The metal chassis is elegant and scratch-resistant.

Packing the punch of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocking at 1.2GHz and 512 MB RAM as well as 4GB storage, ASUS ZenWatch is at par with its counterparts specs-wise. Moreover, the silver and rose-gold color adds a premium look to the device. The watch band is made of leather and the clasp is quick-release. Moreover, you get over 100 combination of watch face to choose from. People who want a traditional watch, ASUS ZenWatch could be the perfect pick for them too as it looks more than a traditional timekeeping machine than a smartwear gadget.
The ASUS smartwatch is capable to unlock your phone automatically. The ‘Tap Tap’ and ‘Find my Phone’ on the watch lets you locate the phone. The smartwatch has ZenUI integration for seamless and smooth functionality.
The ZenWatch scores ten-on-ten on functionality and user-experience. Understanding that you should not only be able to connect via Bluetooth or microphone but also be able to decide what call to take or reject, it gives you a very simple yet innovative feature. With ZenWatch, you can mute the ringer by simply covering the face of watch in case you are in a meeting or do not want to take the call at that particular moment. The remote camera in the watch lets you take photos from the angle where viewfinder could not even think to reach! The presentation control feature lets the ASUS ZenWatch doubles up as time manager and remote control to the projector in business presentation and lecture demonstrations. Very creative and user-specific!
The water-resistance is IP55rated. It also features a bio-sensor.
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ASUS ZenWatch (WI500Q) is designed to meet your health and fitness goals such as steps taken and calorie burned. The exercise intensity can be measured too. It also features a heart rate sensor that tracks and monitors your relaxation level and provides you with scores based on the data.
ASUS ZenWatch is compatible with the latest of ZenUI models and Android devices.
(Samsung: 0, ASUS: 1)
(Apple Watch: 0, ASUS: 1)
Giving the three major Android smartwear makers a competition, ASUS’s ambitious ZenWatch is priced at $199. This is equivalent to the cost of Samsung Gear Live and about $30 lesser than the cost of higher-end LG G watch for which you need to shell about $229. With Motorola Moto 360 at $249, ASUS ZenWatch seems determined to take up the Android wear segment by horns. However, if you take the looks and specs into the account, it is by far the most premium looking Android smartwear that promises to give you the most-refined experience too.
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Priced at $199, the ZenWatch is available for purchase at Amazon. Google Play store will follow up for the sales in the coming weeks.
The lack of an ambient light sensor is an eyesore and the watch is not GPS-enabled too. While the latter is not common in the smartwear wrist devices, the sensor should have made it to list. The battery is 1.4Wh and can stay up to 1 day top, which is a disappointment. Though ASUS spokesperson has confirmed to work on the battery part, the result of their efforts is yet to see the light of the day.
ASUS ZenWatch has intensified the competition in smartwear segment and rightly so. The segment is price-sensitive and the Taiwanese OEM has hit the right chords in its first attempt. If you are looking for a fairly functional and exquisite looking smartwatch, head to Best Buy and book it right away.


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