The year 2015 is not going to be any easier for Samsung Gear S. With the expected launch of LG G Watch R2 in the coming year and now the announcement of ASUS ZenWatch’s sequel, the temperature of smartwear wrist device segment is only going to rise higher and higher. Yes, folks, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has confirmed the 2015 Q3 release of ASUS ZenWatch 2 along with two new fitness-focused wearables. The other two new wearables could be low-cost trackers covering aspects like pedometer, BP levels and sugar levels.

As per the report of Focus Taiwan, Shen made this news at the launch of the original ASUS ZenWatch in Taipei and if the news is any indication, the sequel will be a standalone watch that will offer its users voice calling via SIM card. Until now, only Samsung Gear S has this functionality that offers independent voice calling via cellular connectivity to its users and allows them to utilize the full advantage of actually wearing a smartwatch. The cellular connectivity also allows the users to reply to message and respond to social media notifications without using a smartphone.
It is to be noted that Samsung Gear S is based on Samsung-developed Tizen OS while the original ASUS ZenWatch runs on Android console so, to develop a fully-independent smartwatch with calling compatibility, ASUS either has to develop Google platform to advanced level or need to base the sequel on a different platform altogether.
ASUS launched its current ZenWatch in the September, this year at IFA. The company is still in process of rolling out the second phase of its limited-edition smartwatch in Hong Kong, China and European market. The ZenWatch has received rave reviews and you can read more about it here. And since Shen has just made the announcement, it seems highly unlikely to see a preview at Las Vegas CES in January. We might expect to see the prototype in March, MWC scheduled to be held in Barcelona.
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The Taiwanese company has been known to provide budget devices laced with innovative features as well as impressive specifications. So, if ASUS ZenWatch 2 comes to the market, it may trigger a new price war in the wearable segment. We are not complaining, are we? ?


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