While the entire world was talking about the sequel of ASUS ZenWatch 2, we bring you some amazing scoop on ASUS Windows Watch.  As ASUS’s windows tabs and PCs are labelled as VivoTab and VivoPC respectively, this Windows-based smartwatch will be most likely called ASUS VivoWatch.

If rumors are true, ASUS could be the first one to launch Windows wearable.  And there is a strong likeability that VivoWatch is a reality as it pops up in the filter list meant for customer service base. This is also in line with the statement CEO Jerry Shen made in December that the company is expected to launch two wearables in the third quarter of 2015, one of which will be a standalone watch.

A trade application dated 29 January 2015 has also come up that gives a strong cue and details VivoWatch as portable electronic device that retrieves information from the smartphone. Other features included are pulse measuring, thermometer, heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring.

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There was a strong buzz regarding Windows working on Windows smartwatch but as of now there is no noise from the tech giant whereas ASUS has been pretty fast and spot-on with the wearable wave. Also, ASUS and Windows share a strong professional bond and VivoWatch seems to be on the right path of evolution.

The ASUS ZenWatch 2 is expected to sort out the battery problem most of the wearables are facing right now. According to the ASUS chairman Jonney Shih, the second version of ZenWatch will boast of 7-day battery life as compared to 1 or 2 day working of smartwatches of today.

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The Taiwanese company has strong reputation of offering budget products loaded with cool features. ZenWatch was awesome and I am hoping that VivoWatch too will be of a league of its own. For now stay tuned to Weararena because we will be bringing you updates from MWC right here where ASUS may take the opportunity to announce more about its new flagship.


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