Just a few days ago we told you that Tim Cook has confirmed the release of Apple Watch in April. Now, we are being tipped that Apple Watch might get its first app by February 12. Reportedly, the Cupertino Company has told its developers and staff to gear up and push the final phase of Apple apps as it would like to have ample time at hand to train its staff beforehand.

This won’t be difficult for the star developers of Apple as in September at iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ release, we have had the chance to glance at the early development of apps from American Airlines, Starwood Hotels and BMW.

Apparently, Apple is expecting enormous footfall at stores in April.  Thanks to the right noise Apple Watch has been able to create, all of us at least want to see and feel it in our hands, and if our pockets would allow, we would like to strap it on our wrists too. However amidst the hype, several concerns regarding its battery life of just 2.5 and 3.5 hours on active use are there and we are not sure if it has been resolved.

9to5Mac has reported that this iPhone app will let users customize the app layout on the Apple Watch. The app will generate a virtual panorama using which you can move and sort the apps as per your wish. The clock face can also be customized via this app. In fact, you can create a monogram of your face on Apple Watch to flaunt it as your own. In case Apple’s fitness model does not interest you much, you can choose not to be a part of it. You can turn it off completely if you are not okay with the fact it is a mute judge to your lifestyle and if given a chance, has all the capability to turn you into an exercise freak by reminding you constantly to move some more.

Similar to the WearResponses app of Android Wear, users can also respond to the message and send voice messages. Pre-set messages can also be sent via this companion app. With this Apple Watch app you can restrict the number of messages from the person who is overly chatty or a stranger.

Trust me, it is just the opening shot and Apple Watch will have more customization features to offer. And for $350 being the minimum price you will be paying up for the basic model, this feature should be taken in your stride.

As Apple Watch’s companion app will be released with iOS 8.0.2 and Apple Watch is releasing in April so, the operating system’s major upgrade is expected to be rolled out around the same time. Meanwhile @markgurman has also released the icon of this companion app. This neat, greyish and somewhat ordinary app icon does not have something to write home about but it reaffirms the fact that Apple Watch’s release is just around the corner now.

For now all of you can keep an eye on iOS App Store to see if some companion app pops up early. As iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus had reported a blockbuster earning calls, with the excitement surrounding the much-awaited and anticipated wearable, it seems that Tim Cook will continue its winning streak.


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