Apple Watch event: You can customize different watch face and personalize it the way you want by keeping information that is most relevant to you. With a flick of wrist, you could control music and see notifications of the incoming calls or text messages.

With the Taptic Engine alert, you feel a gentle tap on wrist of the notification. The Digital Touch lets you send and share a sketch or even heartbeat to the other user with Apple Watch. The built-in speaker and mic allow you to take calls and respond to them without pulling your smartphone out of your pocket.

Apple Watch Event Live:

Apple Watch Event Live


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Apple Watch is credited to be the most advanced timepiece.  It is not a smartwatch; it gets more ambitious as it offers to be your health and fitness partner. It asks you to move when it notices you inactive for a long time.

In a three-ring graphics module, you get the sketch of your entire day and can figure out how active have you been. As you start your week, the Apple Watch gives you a new goal to pursue and motivates you to surpass your previous week’s challenge. With the workout app, you get insights into specific workout activities related to cycling, outdoor runs and walk.

During the event, Tim Cook also played a movie of Christy Turlington Burns who sported Apple Watch during the half-marathon. As she trains for Virgin Money London Marathon with Apple Watch, you can track her progress and Apple Watch’s performance on

At the heart of it, Apple Watch is a watch and tells you the time too. As you connect it to the iPhone, the notifications are played off the iPhone to the screen of watch. The developers can continue to play with the apps and create something out-of-the-box with WatchKit SDK.

The personal assistant, Siri also finds a place to stay on Apple Watch and helps you find restaurants, contacts and the desired apps.

As we know that Apple Pay is a crucial update, Apple seems to deliver bang on.  With Apple Watch, you could buy lunch with just a swipe. More than hundreds of thousands of vending machines are connected with Apple Pay now, out of which 40,000 are Coca-Cola machines. On average, you will be able to make payments via Apple Watch at more than 700,000 locations now, which includes 2500 banks.

While a scroll on the screen will let you like images on Instagram, the ride app will help you book a cab with Uber and will alert you of the arrival of the cab. At the airport, your Apple Watch will pull the boarding pass on the screen and the SPG app will automate your check-in at the hotel and unlock the doors of your room for you.

Apart from this, you will get timely notifications and activity updates. Starting now, you can download Apple Watch app on your iPhone with iOS 8.2 that will help you to customize your Apple Watch experience and choose the notifications.

As we stated here, the magnetic charger can be used to charge Apple Watch and the battery life is of 24 hours with mixed usage. On an average, officially it is 18 hours. The three versions of Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition come with premium cases.

The bracelets of all three versions are made of 140 individual parts which give it a strong and premium finish. The Apple Watch Sport case is crafted out of anodized silver aluminum or space gray aluminum. The aluminum used to make case is 60% stronger yet as lightweight as the traditional metal.

Apple Watch Edition is crafted out of 18-Karat solid rose gold or yellow gold. The Apple Watch cases are made of stainless steel, which is 80% durable and strong, courtesy special cold-forging technology.

The pre-order starts from April 10 and if you want to get a hands-on, Apple Watch will be available in Apple Stores from April 24 in China, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and Canada. The rest will follow.


To flaunt an Apple Watch on your wrist, you will be shelling out a minimum of $350. The Apple Watch Edition in 18-karat gold is available for a whopping $10,000. The 42mm Apple Watch in rose gold will cost you $12,000.


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