Apple Watch Battery Life: Apple Watch has been the talk of the town since the peekaboo in September 2014. Be it for good reasons or bad, read battery, the rumor mills have been working overtime to give us the juiciest updates on one of the most-awaited wearables until now.

The battery drain, which also plagues the most of wearables of today, is going to be a question of do or die for it too. As the company refused to disclose any information, we had no information on the battery life of this newest and much-talked-about wearable but now the reliable sources at 9to5 Mac say the Apple Watch won’t fare any better than the rest of wearables in the terms of battery life.

Apple Watch Battery Life:

Apple Watch Battery Life

The sources have confirmed that Apple wanted to achieve some figures but failed short of expectations. Initially, the Cupertino Company wanted to boasts of 1 day of battery life with mixed usage of 2.5 to 4 hours of active use but apparently, it has been reduced to 2-3 days in passive mode. The company also wanted to see better performance of the watch of about 4 hours on a single charge when linked to fitness tracking software.

Mostly, the rumored and narrower version of Apple S1 Chip, which is running the watch and is codenamed as SkiHill is responsible for the battery drain of Apple Watch. It is to be noted that the same processor is running the show in iPod Touch, so we are talking about some potent stuff here.

The Retina-class color screen, which updates at 60 frames every second,also contributes to the battery problem.  As a timepiece, the Apple Watch is capable to keep the watch face for three hours straight so, when the ticking animations are off, the smartwatch requires even lesser juice but it is very unlikely that users would like to do that.

But the short bursts of app we talked earlier, can do their bit toensure that it will be able to get through the day quite easily. The MagSafe inductive charging mechanism is also there which was devised in plastic and stainless steel versions.


It is to be noted that the familiar sources has been saying it over and again that Apple has been pushing the release just to attain these numbers for battery life and has subjected the watch to quite a series of tests. As per the report of 9to5 Mac, about3000 Apple Watches have been floating around for the real-life tests and compatibility.


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