One of the strong points of Apple Watch is its apps and good thing is that there are plenty of them. As we write this, 3,000 Apple Watch apps are already vying for your attention and waiting for the showtime on your wrist. While you have the apps floating out there, there is very little to no information on how to install Apple Watch apps, uninstall them or manage them. So, we bring you a complete download on this topic.

About Apple Watch Apps:

About Apple Watch Apps


As many third-party Watch app developers are trying to give you swanky apps, you should know that they are just the rehash and extension of iPhone apps you have been using from long now. So nothing new that you will be seeing/experimenting with.

These third-party apps actually make Apple Watch that awesome as it claims to be. You can control the devices playing music remotely or change the watch face. Read newspaper clips or get the weather forecast right on the wrist within a few swipes!

They act as a bridge between your iPhone and Apple Watch while transmitting the information to and fro.  Unlike inbuilt apps of Apple Watch, which can run independently to a great extent, you need to connect to iPhone in order to run third-party Watch apps. Though, a full-fledged platform for external apps has already been given a heads-up by the Cupertino Company.

Most of the apps are launched on the Watch in the background. It means that you don’t have to rely on your iPhone all the time. Your phone becomes a separate entity and can do different things regardless what you are doing with your Watch.

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Steps to Download Apple Watch Apps:

Steps to Download Apple Watch Apps


The Watch apps start downloading when you set up the Apple Watch for the first time. Any app that is compatible with your iPhone is compatible with the Watch and is downloaded automatically. The updates for apps roll down for the device and wearable, both. If any app installed on your phone is showing new-found support for Apple Watch, the download will be automated. The apps won’t take even much space of the 6.2 GB storage.

Steps to un-install Watch Apps:

Uninstalling apps on the Watch is quite easier. You just need to hold the icon and take it to the ‘cross (x)’ in the top corner to remove it. If you don’t want the particular app on the phone too, you need to uninstall it one the phone separately. On the iPhone, you need to go to Watch app. Here you will see the list of all installed Watch apps. Tap on the app, toggle and delete it.

Like iPad and iPhone, you cannot mess with the Apple’s inbuilt Watch apps.


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