Apple Watch Apps: Stay on the top of your schedule with American Airlines app that brings you flight information throughout the day you are supposed to travel. You can do check-in with your Apple Watch, claim baggage and get arrival status.

Apple Watch Apps:

Apple Watch Apps


Nike+ Running:

Nike+ Running

While you still need to take your phone with you, this app mirrors the data regarding the distance covered, duration and pace on your wrist. You can connect to Bluetooth headset to listen to the synced music.




Scroll through the feed, like photos, get notifications and leave comment, all with Apple Watch.

MLB fans can get notifications for their favourite teams’ schedules, updates and player details.




Get Twitter feed directly on Apple Watch including the new tweets, favourites, retweet and followers. You can dictate instead of typing tweet. Get trending topics right on your wrist as well.




Same as Evernote for iPhone! Made for each other! You can set reminders, search for notes based on your location and dictate notes too.

Green Kitchen App:

Green Kitchen App

If you are fond of cooking, this might be something you are looking for. Get organic recipes and real-time inputs for cooking. Start timer when you cook and you will get notifications for the entire process.



Keep iPhone in your pocket and let Apple Watch mirror the data such as average speed, distance covered and heart rate as well as elevation gain during your run.  Regular updates keep you charged up and when you beat or set a personal record, a trophy is also amongst the prized possession.




On a lookout of your dream home or office? This Apple Watch app will let you go through the real estate listings, browse through the photos of home, get prices and other details. You can also dictate the comments to come back to a shortlisted property. Share information with your family to see the property you have marked as a favourite. You can also schedule a tour of the property with the agent through this app.

Salesforce Analytics:

Salesforce Analytics


The most popular management app for customer relationship is now on Apple Watch. Get snapshot of business analytics right on your wrist.




Cannot figure out what the lyrics are? Get Shazam for Apple Watch to listen to what is playing including the name of the song, artist and the lyrics.



Snapshot of the news in digital format. ‘Save Later’ for a more relaxed and patient reading.

Though, Apple iOS9 now has NEWS too with over 55 publications vying for your attention.

The list of third-party Apple apps is quite exhaustive and more are adding up! What are you digging?


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