The #AppleWatch2 Wishlist we covered mentioned having camera on the watch. Seems like that wish is coming to be so true! The insiders at 9to5Mac claim that Apple is upbeat about the next-gen smartwatch wearable and isn’t shying away from doing something path breaking, which include having a camera too.

Apple Watch 2:

Apple Watch 2

The original Apple Watch has viewfinder and lets you control the camera. Zoom in and zoom out the images but having a FaceTime Video camera that lets you video chat and click selfies is just wow! You will also be able to take calls or reject video calls as well as redirect it to iPhone.

While being capable to chat through Apple Watch 2 camera seems like an exciting idea. I am not sure how would it look and what it would do to your wrist or neck. Hanging your wrist mid-air to chat. Nope.

Additionally, users can expect more premium models in addition to the current models, steel, sport and limited edition. And just to let you know, those models could be really top-tier made of palladium, titanium and such metals. So, get ready to shell some more.

A new wireless system tether-less, basically that can be translated as a few steps closer to being a standalone wearable model. As of now, the original Apple Watch relies on iPhone heavily. Until the software upgrade came along, it piggybacked on iPhone to run the third-party apps too. Be it e-mailing, sending or receiving text messages or even as basic as getting the weather data. Nothing can be done without connecting to the iPhone.

Rumors have it that while you will still need iPhone for software upgrades or synchronization but basic communication could be done over WiFi.

I hate to kill your buzz but rumors also have it that the next-gen Apple Watch will also have the same battery life as its older sibling! A slight variation and improvement is indicated but don’t expect anything better on that part still.

Moreover, Cupertino Company has conducted a research that shows that Apple Watch users are okay with the battery life and don’t have problem with fuelling it in night. As WatchOS2 also brings in Nightstand charging mode. Something tell us that you still have to charge your Apple wearable in night.


Not until 2016 as we stated earlier. Apple would definitely like to follow its product release cycle. So, while we bring you the Apple Watch 2 features, specs and launch date. Enjoy the new upgraded WatchOS 2 that is due to be rolled out this fall and packs in quite a few features such as new watch faces and better functionality. Stay tuned to hear out more from us on Apple Watch 2.


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