As the launch date of Apple Watch gets silently revoked from the official website due to unexplained production roadblock and massive pre-booking. The rumors of Apple Watch 2 can be seen floating in the air. And to remind you, Apple is quite used to this attention. It has always happened with its flagship models and when it comes to the Cupertino Company’s debutante wearable, the spotlight is always on.

Apple Watch 2:

Apple Watch 2

Early reviews of Apple Watch have been sort of mix and this has opened the way for the next-gen Apple Watch which is rumored to be dubbed as Apple Watch 2. Apple Watch 2 will try to fix what the first version of the wearable couldn’t. If the original Apple Watch was brilliant technology for you, wait till the next version of it is out.

The original Apple Watch is bit clunky when compared to the likes of Motorola Moto 360, ASUS ZenWatch and LG G Watch R. The rumors indicate that a noticeably thinner version of Apple Watch is in the making.

However, given that the original Watch already struggles with a painful battery life. The challenge to make it through a day with that tiny housing becomes more difficult to manifest.

Now when we have smartwatches that could offer 10-day battery life. The expectations get unrealistic with brand like Apple and we don’t blame users here. You pay premium price, you expect premium features. Fair that is!

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Apple Watch 2 Features:

The digital crown on the Watch that makes it look like the traditional old watch is expected to be repositioned though. It could be a push button but the exact deal of this is still under wraps.

The first Apple Watch is unisex and comes in 38 different variations. Boy, that’s a lot! While Apple won’t tweak the curved rectangular design of the original Watch. It would try to get two different segments of Watches for men and women.

Women usually prefer delicate and bit smaller sizes whereas men want clunky watches strapped on the wrist. The dimensions of 1.52 x 1.31 x 0.41 inches could be tweaked to make the wearable slimmer and suitable for women.

Apple would differentiate it and get it right with the new version of Apple Watch. Additionally, going overboard with the variations and real-world challenge of delivering on-time don’t go along well and can only fall flat. Apple would know it by now.

Apple Watch 2 is rumored to keep this in check and is supposed to offer you exclusivity while paying attention to quality and not quantity.

Next Steps:

When Tim Cook said that Apple Watch was the most personal product ever to be introduced by Apple, there isn’t even an iota of doubt. The apps are the strong point that makes Apple Watch outstanding. With Apple Watch 2, it is only expected to grow by leaps and bounds but in a more seamless, elegant and streamlined manner. More on this, later.

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Apple Pay would see inclusion at more stores and the Apple Health Kit is rumored to grow too as we see people getting more conscious towards health as well as inclined towards storing the data on the cloud.

And most importantly, if you are wondering if it could come with Android compatibility and will be used as a standalone, duh, no! Standalone smartwatch is a long way to go and Apple would kill rather than giving in to the Android. Don’t trust us, read this.


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