Apple vs Google: The experts have rightly predicted that flop or hit, Apple Watch will certainly change the game of wearables. And predictably so, not only the Google Android Wear is preparing for the WiFi update but it is also rumored to be rolled out for iPhones! Yes! You heard it right.

Apple vs Google:

Apple vs Google
The rumors are rife that Google’s smartwatch platform Android Wear is gearing closer to the final technical details for the upcoming release. If such news floating in the air is true, then the wearable segment will usher into a face-to-face competition between Android Wear smartwatches and Apple Watch while killing the exclusivity of the latter’s operating system.

As of now, the Android Wear is compatible with iPhones via a connecting app and alerts you of the basic notifications. It can also perform functions like voice search, voice action and ambient information cards.

check: Android wear 1.4

The Verge compares the Google Android Wear update with Pebble, which is compatible with iOS and android while supporting functions like music control. So, we know that it is not impossible but Google has to get it right.

According to the leading publication some developers have also come up with the trick to make the Google’s smartwatch platform with iOS. Additionally, one developer has also discovered iOS code in Android 4.4, which affirms the fact that the Google is working on the same. In fact, Android Wear product manager, Jeff Chang didn’t deny it either when asked about it.

However, it is yet to see if the Cupertino Company, Apple would approve the encroachment of Google into its exclusive space. It is a known fact that Apple Inc. is quite proud of its exclusivity and given the tug-of-war between the two for app approval (Maps app and Google Voice app for example); it is a long way to go.


It could also be possible that Apple will reject any app from competing platform as it did earlier with iPhone app developer, Flash Genius for merely mentioning the name, Android Wear. And just so that you know, the guidelines are still as-it-is and Apple retains the right to reject the apps containing “irrelevant platform description.”

As Android Wear gets ready to deck up with WiFi and gesture support, this news is of course a telltale sign of exciting times ahead.


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