Android Wear 1.4: Google has brought something new for Android Wear in the form of wrist activities as well as audio feedback; let us all see what and how can they be of use!

The Wrist Activities of Android Wear 1.4:

The Wrist activities of Android Wear 1.4

You can obviously still scroll down the card; now that you are wondering what more? Have a look at all of these. Some of the basic features include taking actions on a card, pull down the settings menu, cancel actions before completion, return to watch face while within an app, etc.

Have a look at how to take the actions on a card:

Details and taking action: All you need to do hold your arm and push it down and get back to the original state.
When you push down, the first action happens and when you do it for the second time the action is selected. After this, you cannot make use of gestures to perform actions.

To go back: all you need to do is pivot your arm quickly and get it back to the steady position!

To open Apps menu: when you are on the main screen, you hold your arm and push down and back to normal to open the menu.

To pull down settings: You are to turn your wrist slowly (away from you) and flick it back.

The shake and jiggle: To use this function, you need to hold your arm in front of you and simply shake your wrist twice or thrice. You can make use of this when you want to go back to the watch face or to cancel any action!

Audio Feedback of Android Wear 1.4:

Audio Feedback of Android Wear 1.4

This yet again is a major makeover. Android wear 1.4 supports speakers for playing sounds and taking calls. Well, the use of speakers isn’t confined to just calls and sounds; there is a unique feature- Audio Feedback.

The Audio feedback reads the notifications and time (including the actions performed). With use of audio feedback, tasks like messages and calling functions can also be completed.

Once you put Audio feedback to use, you will definitely find it of great use!

Additional Changelog Android Wear V1.4:

  • Messaging: Sending messages via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Nextplus, WeChat, and Telegram with the help of voice and touch.
  • Battery: There have been improvements in battery life along with a removal of the graph for battery life. You can as well connect or disconnect the watch via Bluetooth with the help of toggle options. (It might be unfortunate for many as you know keeping a track on battery life every now and then is very important!)
  • Language: Languages have been added, such as Mandarin, Dutch Polish, Thai, Cantonese and Indonesian.
  • Settings: For all the people who use Android wear frequently might notice! You can now toggle the settings menu and disable cards too.


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