Along with Apple’s flagship smartphone of the year 2015, Apple has also launched WatchOS 2 the next generation OS for its smartwatch. It comes with a range of new and innovative features that are definitely going to bring a smile to your face. If you own an Apple Watch, then you must update the OS of the watch so that you enjoy all the latest features.

WatchOS 2:

WatchOS 2


More Secured:

Activation Lock is a new feature of WatchOS 2 that makes it far more secured. Previously anyone could activate the Apple Watch without even knowing the code of the phone. That changed with WatchOS 2. Now, Apple Watch users have to register their gadgets ID and password in iCloud. Therefore, every user is going to have only one registered account. Thereafter, even if the gadget is stolen, it cannot be used. This security feature is optional, but I think it is worth securing your gadget.

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Complications Added to Watch Faces:

Complications Added to Watch Faces


Now you will have the option of adding more and useful information to your watch face with the help of third-party apps. The new WatchOS has been made open to developers so that developers can develop features whereby more complications according to the need of the users can be added and removed from the watch face.

Personalized Screen:

WatchOS 2 gives users the option to change the watch face with their own images. Previously only images stocked within the phone could be used, but with WatchOS 2 from your own personalized files or skyline screen or personalized album present in your library.

WatchOS 2 Opened to App Developers:

Previously third party apps used to work in Apple Watch but at first, developers had to sync it with iPhones. With the launch of WatchOS 2, Apple has opened all its features to the app developers all across the world and increase the activities of the smartwatch.

Time Travel:

Time travel is a new addition with WatchOS 2 that helps users to get a detailed overview of your whole day’s schedule. While going through your schedule, you will get notifications about the weather forecast and the important things that you have missed the last day. All you need to do is press on the Digital Crown to get the detailed info. Time Travel also gathers info from third-party apps, therefore it is going to be really useful for the Apple smartwatch users.

Featuring A More Powerful Siri:

Featuring A More Powerful Siri


In WatchOS 2, Siri has been made more powerful because it is the only way using which the users can communicate with the gadget. The more powerful Siri can do things like to get information about public transport, organize a workout session for the user and access the HomeKit app by giving a command to Siri.

Multiple Groups of 12:

Previously Apple smartwatch users could only add 12 friends to the slots. Now the number of slots has been increased. Apple users can now make 12 groups and thereafter organize friends in different groups.

Music App Synced With iPhone:

Apple smartwatch and iPhone users will have the perks of controlling the music app directly from the smartwatch. Therefore, you need not take out your phone time and again to control the music app. In WatchOS 2 a new Music app is present that launches much faster and lets you get access to the album or playlists quickly.

Access Mail:

WatchOS 2 gives you the power to get access to your mailbox directly from the watch and give quick and precise replies as well. Users have the option of creating as much as 20 default replies and use them while replying to emails.

Wake Screen:

Previously, Apple smartwatch could stay awake till 15 seconds only. However, the users were complaining about it as most often they had to activate the screen of their watch again. In WatchOS 2 this problem has been repaired. Now users have the option of making the screen active till 70 seconds. Here is how to do it: Go To My Watch, then General and then Wake Screen. Thereafter, select the time till which you want to keep your screen active.

Nightstand Mode:

Though you might think that the Apple smartwatch becomes useless once you take it off your wrist, but WatchOS 2 have added functions which makes it useful even in the night time. Keep your watch in the Nightstand Mode and whenever you click on the digital crown the watch is going to display the time and date. Users can also set alarm on their watch.

Maps On Your Watch:

WatchOS 2 gives you access to complete public transit information on your wrist. It will also give you directions to reach a certain place with the help of maps.

These are new additions to WatchOS 2 that has made the gadget much more dynamic. Upgrade your smartwatch right away to enjoy these features.


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