Advicy Drive wearable: How many times does it happen that you have felt drowsy at the wheel? Given the grueling schedule and odd timings, I am sure that the numbers would be pretty high. A report suggests that at least 33% of the U.S. drivers have fallen asleep while driving.

60% of the U.S. drivers have driven vehicle while feeling drowsy and 4% of them have been involved in accidents because they weren’t able to focus on driving because of drowsiness and tiredness. The solution comes in the form of Advicy Drive, which is the world’s first portable wearable to detect drowsy driving detector.

Advicy Drive Wearable:

Advicy Drive wearable

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The drowsy driving detector identifies fatigue through your heartbeat and lets you know if you aren’t in a position to drive safely. The safety wearable is basically a heartbeat optical sensor and needs to be in touch with the skin to measure pulse.

The heartbeat sensor utilizes an advanced medical technology called photoplethysmography, the one that is used in hospitals to take pulse. The LED indicator takes different colors as it detects the pulse. The wearable connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone and with the help of a simple Advicy Drive app; you can understand the fatigue patterns.

The app compares the relaxed heartbeat (personal alert threshold) with the heartbeat when you drive. You need to record the regular/relaxed heartbeat only once. This will be shown as the red line on the dashboard when you open the app on your smartphone.

To understand and compare the heartbeats, you need to use it every day in the car. When you see the cursor moving out of the red zone to green zone, it is the wearable signaling you of fatigue and asking you to hire a can rather than be on your own.

When the wearable heart rate sensor detects any anomaly in the regular heartbeat pattern due to the tiredness. It will buzz a noisy alarm to alert you and put you inattentive mode. If you are failed to turn off the alarm within 20 seconds. The app will immediately notify the select 4 friends of the event to ensure your safety. The app will suggest that they call you and to make you stop for a while to receive the call.

The Advicy Drive app is currently available for iOS and android. To identify and measure your pulse, the drowsy driving detector needs to maintain contact with the skin. Since it is compact, lightweight and sweat-resistant, you can clip it anywhere on the body.

The wearable has CE and FCC certification. With a battery time of approximately 200 hours or 1-month behind the wheels. The Advicy Drive is small package that packs in quite a powerful battery life compared to the other heart rate sensors available in the market.


Apart from as a safety wearable to prevent drunk or drowsy driving by shift workers, drivers and people suffering from sleep disorder, the Advicy Drive driving detector can be used by runners and fitness enthusiasts to track their heartbeat. It can also help people to analyze and rush to the doctor the underlying causes if they have been experiencing too much of green zones lately.

The wearable is up for funding on Kickstarter and can be backed for various tiers from £5 to £5000. The product is expected to be shipped by July 2015 if it is able to meet the funding goals.


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