Abortion Drone: Savita Halappanavar, the case of Indian-origin dentist living in Ireland is enough to reveal the odds of expecting mothers face in the country.  The lady, who suffered miscarriage, was denied abortion because Ireland has strict laws against MTP.

Until there is severe medical condition with the fetus, the blanket ban on abortion prevents the doctors to see through it and save the life of mother. In her case, the doctors identified the heartbeat of the fetus but failed to detect the septic and infection an almost dead fetus was causing to Savita, which resulted in coma and then death.

Abortion Drone:

Abortion Drone


Fast forward to today and Polish women have UAV delivering abortion pills to them! No, the country hasn’t changed its stand or relaxed the law (despite it being anti-women).

It is just that a non-profit organization, Women on Waves has found a legal loophole to start delivering medically-prescribed anti-abortion pills to women on request. The abortion pills delivered by the organization help women to terminate pregnancy.

Usually, the NGO delivered the pills by post after the order is placed online. While Ireland and Poland has stringent rules for medical termination of pregnancy, in Andorra and Malta, it is prohibited in any circumstance.

This Saturday on June 27, this UAV touted as abortion drone will drop World Health Organization Approved abortion pills over a Polish town and hand them over to volunteers to meet the demands of women.

It is to be noted that Poland has abortion laws since 1993 and women can only get away with it when the fetus is the result of rape, incestuous relationship or in case has serious health issues. The Telegraph reports that thousands of women either have to abort pregnancies illegally or fly to England.

The former option also means serious hygienic and moral implications without treating the depression or guilt that comes along with it. Amnesty International also reports that at least 4,000 women are forced to leave the country for abortion whereas most of us opt for unsafe DIY methods that could mean blocked fallopian tubes or sterility forever.

According to the Founder and Director of Dutch-based WoW, Rebecca Gomperts, this five-pound abortion drone will help create awareness in women and prompt them to think practically while prodding the authorities in right direction.

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The drone will fly from Frankfurt to Slubice, Poland and will be deployed in Ireland if the response is positive. One could easily term it as a gimmick; it is history in the making. Attracting the attention of international community, women groups and politicos with UAVs over the inequality and indifference women are suffering from the lawmakers is worth the risk.  Japan which has banned UAVs could really learn some positive drone news!


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