Smart Watches have slowly been emerging as the new cool, and in the quest of buying an ideal Smartphone for your needs, you will surely come across as the A8 Power DZ09 Gear S SmartWatch as one of the options on your list.

A8 POWER DZ09 Gear S:-

So, here is a deeper look at what the Watch has in store for you and what possible pros and cons could it pose for any user or buyer looking forward to by this one.

A8 POWER DZ09 Gear S Features:

A8 POWER DZ09 Gear S Features

Let us get you a closer look at the features and specs of the wristwatch!


An HD display with a highly sensitive capacitive touch is what the Gear S possesses along with a perfect match technology!

Find Function:

Well, there are times when you lose electronics and you want to look them up, isn’t it?  You can look up for your mobile phone which is basically a two way anti lost scheme!


You just don’t need a Smartwatch for the basic date and time; you also want some entertainment factor along, isn’t it? So, for all such times you have got camera, MP3 and MP4’s along with twitter, Facebook, Schedule, read, messaging functions, news, etc!

Sports and Health:

Well, it is a Smart Watch, so of course you do need such functions to help you know as well as enhance. Functions include Pedometer, Sedentary remind and sleep monitoring.

Phone functions:

Again, a SmartWatch is worth a buy only when it can make calls and answer them along with dual SIM slot. It can also make calls via Bluetooth or Smart Watch!
GSM 850/900/1800/1900; you have four frequencies available for call functions, you have hands free mod available, then there are options like call logs, contacts, Bluetooth phone, etc.

Android Connectivity and working:

You can easily connect the phone with Android’s Bluetooth, download applications which are related to Smart Watches also. The applications, however, do not work in sync with Android 5.0.

Apple Connectivity and working:

The watch can work with the Apple Bluetooth but not their applications. Hence, the information which is related to the phone’s applications cannot be pushed to the watch.

A8 POWER DZ09 Gear S Price

The SmartWatch comes at $199.99 which isn’t too less but isn’t too much either, given the kind of functions and features it possesses. Of course, there are discounts and rebates available on almost all the e-commerce websites on the go! (The watch is available for as low as $39.99!)

A8 POWER DZ09 Smartwatch Review:

A8 POWER DZ09 Smartwatch Review

There have been quite a number of problems with regards to the Bluetooth connectivity; however, otherwise, the watch has great performance as well as an overall appeal. It is now time to have a look at the pros and cons of the device so that you as a user can actually judge it based upon your need of the device.


Lightweight: When you buy a Smart Watch you are most likely to wear it all day long; in fact for many times at night too. The watch hence needs to be comfortable and light enough to not be a bother while moving about of during sleep.

Functions: This is the first checker for many while buying this watch. From the sports and health functions to the social media options available; from phone connectivity and calling options to the display and touch; the A8 DZ09 is indeed a combination of the functions in just the right quantity and amount.

Battery life: A Smart Watch is bound to be put to use for long periods of time; it is hence not possible to put it on charge for hours every day. The A8 has got quite a good battery life and is usable for extended time periods.

Hands Free: This is one of the best possible function as well as feature that makes the A8 worth the money.


As of now, there is nothing serious that has been heard of. Except for the Bluetooth connectivity issue, that too once in a while, there is nothing that could pose possible problems while the device is put to use.

However, at a personal level, many get bored of it too soon; some find the watch to be a little big! So nothing much to be worried off!

Buy this Smartwatch

So that was all about the A8 Power DZ09 Gear S Bluetooth Smart Watch. I would rate it an 8 out of 10! A minus 1 for the Bluetooth issue and a minus 1 because there is always scope for improvement in every device!


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