Motorola has done something that hardly anyone had anticipated. Motorola observed there’s chance to create a niche market in the Smartwatch and went for it. The Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch was unveiled in March and released in September this year. The uniqueness of Moto 360 is that it has a retro style watch.

The form factor is based on circular capacitive touch display. The Smartwatch comes with a removable wrist band and a steel casing. Moto 360 is water-resistant and can charge wirelessly. Its wireless charging is Qi standard compatible.

Moto 360 runs on Android Wear:

Moto 360 runs on Android Wear
The good thing about Android Wear is that it’s a miniature version of Android. We all love Android, don’t we? It’s open source and on the Android framework, there’s no dearth of apps. The same thing applies to Android Wear. There are various apps for AW.
If we start them, it will be hard to wrap up because such apps are so many in number.

We’ve therefore decided to talk about the handpicked ones. The reason we selected them is their appearance on Moto 360. They’ll run on any device that runs on Android Wear. But they look incredibly appealing on Moto 360 and using them is a seamless experience. We’ll also briefly examine some of the popular Moto 360 Watch Faces.

This one’s part watch face, part app. Facer could use to create personal watch faces. It’s really cool, you can try it. Flexibility is its second-biggest benefit. The App/Watch Face is very easy to use. If you want to know how to make your own digital or analog watch face using Facer,

watch this video: []

We all have lost our phones at some point or another. The lucky ones among us have found their lost phones while the not-so-luckier ones had to purchase a new phone. The app called Find My Phone could come for the rescue of the forgetful ones.

If your Smartphone is lost, you could use Moto 360 to locate it. The only thing you need to do is download the app on your phone, prior to its being lost. If you are not finding your Android Smartphone, you need to tap a button on your Moto 360 called ‘Tap to Find’. After you tap on the button, your Smartphone will start to ring and vibrate so you could locate it.

This one is a companion app from Motorola. It allows you to remotely check Moto 360’s battery life. It’s exclusively available in Moto 360. Some of its unique features like customizing inbuilt Watch Faces, location tracking and modifying the wellness profile cannot be found on other devices that run on Android Wear.

With lockable, you can add a lock screen to Moto 360. One problem with Moto 360 is that it doesn’t have apt number of security features. Lockable requires a phone, so if you need an Android Smartphone. The locking process resembles Smartphone locking. Just a swipe from the top of the display and the device will lock.

The app lets you control your Smartphone right from your wrist. You could toggle WiFi and other settings in the system, send text messages and activate Tasker tasks, using Tockle. It can best describe as the Tasker for Moto 360. The app is not restricted to Moto 360 though. It works on any device running on Android Wear.

When Moto 360 launched, everything was impressive expect then battery. True, the recent updates have improved the battery performance, but using an app could save you from unnecessary hassles. Wear Battery Stats shows you your battery life in a chart. You could see which apps are draining the battery. You can check the app on your Moto 360 Smartwatch, and also on your Smartphone.

The charging screen image on Moto 360 may cause screen burn-in, which in turn creates an outline. The Slumber app substitutes the regular charging screen with a black image that is completely blank. You couldn’t see the process of charging but check it out using other apps.

Smartwatch users need a workout companion. Why would someone want to take the phone out of pocket, if all the stats could be seen just by checking the wrist? Endomondo works with the workout voice command. To use your previous activity, you just need to say ‘Start’ and then mention the activity. You can see stats like duration, speed, calories burnt, distance, etc for all your fitness activities by starting a workout.

This app is unique because it has taken advantage of the circular display of Moto 360. The app is used to find tip amounts at restaurants. Its user-interface is circular and able to adjust tip percentage. Even though available at other Android Wear devices, Wear Tip Calculator looks befitting on Moto 360 because of circular display.

Super Party Sports: Football is a popular Android app. Its wearable version is called SPS: Football Wearable Edition. The game is quite entertaining. To win it, you need to keep the ball in air as long as you could. For that, you need to head it. On Moto 360, the app is pretty interesting to watch and play.

Plenty of watch faces for Moto 360 are available on Playstore. Among them, some are virtually mind-blowing. We make a list of some of those faces.

Executive Watch Face:

Executive Watch Face

This is a simple yet elegant watch face. It has a black colored bar at the bottom. On one side of the dial, it shows the date and on the other side, it shows time. The watch face with varieties of colors and makes itself a must have.

Rolex Submariner – This one looks outstanding. It’s nothing short of a work of art. The date is displayed in a box that place where the number 3 is supposed to sit. All other numbers except 12 replace with circles and squares. 12 is substituted by a triangle.
Download Face

Classic Rolex – May be not as appealing as Rolex Submariner, but Classic Rolex is sure to entice you if you are fond of trendy design. The number 12 is replaced by Rolex logo. Number 3 is missing and a box to show date occupies its spot.
Download Face

Rolex Daytona – This watch face was developed by a developer from XDA forum called called boostr29. The watch face replaces number 1 to 12 by symbols that look like battery charging icons. Other than hour and minute hands, the watch face features three small circles with second hand.
Download Face

White Rolex Daytona – It has everything similar to Rolex Daytona, except the color. It is white in color. Another difference is that its left dial shows battery life that starts at 100% and moves to the right dial which is 0%. A hand at the right dial rotates 360° every 30 seconds. The face was developed by a Reddit user called ZigguratE9.
Download Face332

A32 Watch Face for Moto 360 – The good news is you can get it directly from Google Play Store. The bad news is it’s paid. It costs $1.26. It has three different circles; one for showing the day, another for showing the month and yet another for showing seconds.
Download Face

Speeds Watch Face – This one has a vintage look. It fits perfectly with black and silver colored Moto 360. A box on its right side shows how much battery is left and another box on the right side shows day and date.
Download Face

Ancient Vintage Face – The Watch Face is exactly what it sounds. It has a typical corroded and burnt look. The look comes only with vintage stuff. The one is a contribution from a Reddit user called Winnah900010.
Download Face

Citizen Bullhead – The Watch Face looks great. The rim is painted in black while the face is silver colored. It has three small clock faces inside it. There’s a tachymeter around the rim. The face was developed by boostr29, the same users who developed Rolex Daytona.
Download Face
Sense Face – Pretty simple, but the idea behind is pretty amazing. The watch face looks like borrowed from a comic book. It shows the time prominently and underneath, it shows the date and temperature of the day. It is developed by a Reddit user called jakenburch.

MeteoFace Watch Face – The exciting thing about the Watch Face is that it keeps changing the wallpaper depending on the weather. If it’s a cloudy day with occasional lightning, your watch face background will show thunderstorm. Only flipside of this watch face is that it drains too much battery.

A06 Watch Face – This one’s best for everyone who loves classic digital watch look with a bit of trendiness. The watch face has a dimmable mode alongside regular mode. It is also water-resistant. The watch face is available in the Google Play store at slightly more than $1.

Sense Face for Moto 360 – Seems like Reddit has become the breeding ground for innovative developers. Sense Face for Moto 360 was developed by a Redditor name Fodawim. He is the one and only developer of Facer. The design is quite captivating and changes with weather.

MotoLux – The Watch Face has a stylish and techie type look. If you like futuristic design or have a thing for electronic stuff and related design, you’d surely love this one. It has a dark background and an illuminating effect on it. The contrast simply looks marvelous.

Mickey Mouse Moto 360 Face: 

Mickey Mouse Moto 360 Face 
This is the third one in the list, which was developed by boostr29. It looks like a simple analog wristwatch with a giant sticker of Mickey Mouse. Although it looks simple, it’s not actually simple. The hands of Mickey Mouse are the hands of the watch and they point at the numbers. So if it’s 12:14, the shorthand of Mickey Mouse will point at the number 12 and the long hand will point at 14.
Download Face
Lollipop – The watch face resembles a cow’s vision (pun intended). 12 is only visible.

Escape – The watch face looks wonderful. It’s like any analog wristwatch with a custom space for date.

Minimus360 – An excellent fit for Moto 360. It has a small musical icon on it.
Orbits – The watch face looks amazing. It has design of orbits on it.

Planets – The watch face shows a small image of our galaxy and planets.

Stealth360 – If sci-fi/techie design amazes you, Stealth360 is the watch face for you. The dials glimmer radiance, making it more appealing.

There are other watch faces like Spotlight, Secret Agent, Modern Classics, Chron etc.
The apps and watch faces increase the demand of Moto 360. Some of the watch faces and apps are just tailor-made for it. So buy the device and enjoy the apps and faces.


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